SendBuzz : Multichannel Marketing Automation

March 2, 2023 2023-03-30 7:36

Run Successful Revenue Generating Campaigns

Drive maximum results from your outreach campaigns. Hit more inboxes and get better deliverability for your multi-channel sales outreach.

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    How SendBuzz works

    The only sales engagement platform that will help your sales team to grow your revenue.

    Sales engagement platform

    Close more sales by engaging with the right leads across platforms

    Be Multi-present all the time

    Reach your prospects across the channels with a click of a button

    Integrations just a click away

    Get native integration for your smart business tools and CRM with SendBuzz

    Added Layer of Personalization

    Reach out to right audience with the right level of personalization to improve your deliverability and conversions. Run your campaigns in a way where your potential customers feel connected with your brand.

    Your Multi-Channel Outreach Partner

    Don't go unnoticed when you try to scale your sales. Interact with your potential prospects across the platforms and prioritize conversation to gain best results. Switch between emails to calls or LinkedIn with a single click.

    CRM Acceleration to Boost Engagement

    Maximize the output of your sales team with CRM Accelerations. Switch to doing fruitful activities instead of working on repetitive tasks. Integrate your tools and favorite CRM to build better sales process.

    Hit Inbox Every Time to Maximize Opportunities

    SendBuzz helps you land your emails in your prospect's primary inbox. Why hit promotions or spam when you can get the most out of your outreach efforts.

    Integrate with your favouritetools

    Scale your sales operations with the help of right integrations! Engage your qualified leads and manage the data at the same place.
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    Boost your cold outreach with the power of SendBuzz

    Boost your cold outreach with the power of SendBuzz

    You’ll fall in love with the power of Sendbuzz. Achieve maximum deliverability rates and get more engagements for your sales team by using our multi-channel outreach platform.