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Sales Enablement Platform to Scale YourCold Email Campaigns

The most advance sales engagement software for SMBs and agencies to book more client meetings.

✔️ Multi-channel Outreach (Emails, Calls, SMS, LinkedIn* & more)

✔️ Advance Lead Finder (850M+ Real time verified Profiles)

✔️ Sales Automation and Workflows

✔️ Funnels & Landing Pages

✔️ Calendar & Form Builder

✔️ Seamless CRM Integrations

No credit card required.

sendbuzz sales engagement platform for cold outreach
why sendbuzz?

SendBuzz is great for small businesses, startups & agencies!

Discover Leads, Connect via Email, LinkedIn*, SMS, Calls, and Manage Your Schedule, All in One Streamlined Platform.

Flow + A/B Testing

Maximize campaign effectiveness with data-driven flow testing & A/B testing.


Avoid Spam folder with Infinite Email variations automatically.

Import Contacts

Use CSV, Google Sheet, Webhook or Lead Finder to add leads to your campaign.

Custom AI Writer

Experience the creative power of GPT-4 which is fine-tuned for sales, as your versatile writing companion.

Automated Triggers

Take action based on prospect's engagement level and interactions, no more manually moving prospects between campaigns.

Unified Inbox

All your mailboxes under single screen, no more juggling between mailboxes. Reply and close deals faster.
Multi channel

Engage Across Multiple Channels

Transition seamlessly between email, phone calls, and LinkedIn - all from one dashboard. Group tasks according to the campaign or channel and execute like clockwork.

Multi Channel Cold Outreach Platform
Unlimited Email Accounts for Sales Outreach
Unlimited Accounts

Infinitely Scale Your Outreach with Multiple Accounts Connected

Break the limits of getting stuck with single sending account per user for your outreach campaigns.

Use multiple connected sender accounts for your cold outreach campaigns for more natural outreach.

Email Rotation

Save your time with Inbox Rotation

Run your outreach campaigns with multiple sender emails or SMTP. Achieve maximum results by rotating your accounts.
Unlimited Connected Email Accounts on SendBuzz
Cold Email Outreach Analytics

Analytics and Re-targeting

Use detailed analytics to get better results. Easily engage and re-target prospects with automated triggers.


Automate CRM Integrations

Use Native Integrations with Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce and Zapier to easily sync your data to your preferred CRM. 

CRM Integrations with SendBuzz
businessman holding cup

Supercharge your Cold outreach & get your calendar filled with meetings.

Flash Prespective Matte

Personalized landing pages for cold outreach enhance engagement & conversion rates by tailoring the user experience to individual recipients.


Reply sentiment analysis provides valuable insights into the emotional impact of email responses and drive positive interactions.


One team account for your teams or agencies to collaborate and close deals, together and more efficiently.