Are you an email marketer that manually distributes all of your email messages to your subscribers (welcome, promotional, onboarding, etc.)?

Yes? Woah. You are, therefore, wasting your time.

Create your campaigns once, then automate their distribution so that the correct individuals receive them at the right time. You’ll save time that you can spend concentrating on outreach or enhancing your analytics.

This tutorial will teach you all there is to know about email automation and how to utilize it to scale your marketing initiatives.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

The practice of sending triggered emails to your subscribers at the appropriate moment depending on their behavior, action, and funnel stage in order to convert them into paying customers is known as email marketing automation.

For instance, a customer may have placed things in their cart but abandoned them before checking out. In this situation, you can set up an abandoned cart email automation flow with two to three emails that will encourage the user to finish the transaction.

A Complete Guide To Email Automation Software

Types of email marketing automation

At particular stages of the buyer’s journey, email automation is a fantastic method to connect with your audience. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but we’ll concentrate on five: via welcome email, campaigns, e-commerce, dates, and reminders.

Many businesses can get individuals to sign up for their emails, but what you do next is what distinguishes leads from potential customers. Email automation is one of the finest ways to convert a lead into a customer. Let’s discuss some of the various approaches to automating emails to achieve your objectives.

Greeting emails

You don’t want your subscribers to join your newsletters and wait until they find out new issues from your end.


This kind of email automation is most likely the most well-known. Frequently, an email drip for a campaign begins when a visitor submits the form on your landing page. Make sure to include a variety of emails in the drip to carry out the various nurturing processes that contribute to the campaign’s main objective.

Based on E-commerce

If your business relies on online sales, you probably deal with abandoned shopping carts. To remind them that they still have things in their cart, you can send them a customized and automated email. This is a fantastic method to pique their interest once more and persuade them to complete their transaction.


You can save time by setting up related emails to send out automatically at the proper times if your brand has events that take place on the same date every year, such as the company’s anniversary, product sales, and end-of-month or end-of-year events.

How does successful email marketing automation work?

Email automation is all approximately triggers and moves. When a specific occasion is triggered, a selected e-mail or set of emails is dispatched. The duration of an automatic email collection relies upon the wide variety of advertising and marketing moves the commercial enterprise desires to automate. The marketer can, therefore, be as innovative as they need withinside the sort of content material they ship to subscribers. To permit e-mail advertising and marketing automation, a marketer creates an email float through the use of an e-mail service.

An e-mail float is a sequence of computerized messages dispatched to a subscriber primarily based totally on their facts or precise behavior.

Using workflow, corporations can ship the proper emails to leads at the proper time primarily based totally on the data they have got approximately.

By monitoring the movements of leads whilst they’re enticing with the emblem, entrepreneurs can collect insights and use them to set triggers as a way to ship the maximum applicable messages. An omnichannel outreach tool like SendBuzz would allow personalization and usage of custom triggers to make campaigns successful.

Email advertising automation may be used for both B2B and B2C companies. Both styles of corporations can use automation flows to ship welcome emails, re-engagement emails, or remarks request emails. B2B emblem set triggers for the subsequent actions:

  • A traveler’s perspective is a specific web page on an enterprise’s website.
  • A prospect begins to evolve following the enterprise on social media.
  • An ability customer suggests repeated hobbies in precise services or products presented via way of means of the organization but does now no longer make direct contact.

B2C brands, on the alternative hand, stop automatic emails whilst:

  • An ability client to perspective a specific product however does now no longer upload them to their purchasing cart.
  • A purchaser delivered merchandise from their cart but failed to buy them (deserted cart).

New or current purchaser converts.

Businesses need to take advantage of email advertising automation to now no longer simply attain potential clients but additionally to beautify relationships with current clients.

Using email automation to grow your business

A trigger in email automation is a certain date, occasion, or contact activity that instructs your system to send a pertinent message. The path of your contact will influence the triggers and triggered messages you select.


Activation: A new subscriber

Welcome! Email

Many of your first-time visitors won’t be prepared to make a purchase, even if your website is an e-commerce store. What should you do with an email once you have it if you have a “subscribe now” button that draws their attention?

Greeting emails now resemble thank-you notes following a job interview. There is no requirement that you send them, but when you don’t, people notice:

  • 74% of individuals who sign up for a mailing list anticipate getting a welcome email.

Compared to normal marketing emails, welcome letters receive 4 times as many reads and 5 times as many clicks.

As much as 320% more money is made from each email than from other promotional materials.

A friendly greeting once a new subscriber joins can help convert leads into customers without putting in extra work.

An abandoned cart as a trigger

“Forget something?” email

Although adding an item to your cart just requires one click, completing the transaction requires more actions. For a variety of reasons, such as expensive shipping charges, having to create an account, or worries about the site’s security, roughly 70% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts.

You may make up missed sales by using abandoned cart emails. You may begin recapturing the interest of your customers once you understand your audience and create a concise, relevant email.

New goods or promotions are the catalysts.

Something special for you, please email!

Your messages may start to lose their impact if you inform every consumer about every new product release, upgrade, or promotion.

You can escape this pitfall by using email automation to advertise products to specific clients based on their interests. In fact, you can improve sales per email opening by an average of 150% if you add personalized recommendations to your email campaign.

  • Do you know why using an Email Automation Tool can be crucial for the success of your business?

Making email automation more effective

Here are some pointers to make your new automated email campaign as effective as possible:

  • Keep track of responses to get further data

You have the chance to obtain crucial data from each customer each time you send an automated email.

Everything you discover about your customers can help you determine how to target your automated emails. Try an alternative strategy if your recipients aren’t opening your discount emails or clicking on your recommendations.

  • Discounts should be offered wisely

One of the main causes of shopping cart abandonment is the high cost of shipping.

You can’t get rid of shipping costs or slash pricing, but you can give out discount coupons or promo codes to persuade people who are hesitant to spend money. Though it can be useful, avoid using this tactic excessively. If you give out too many discounts, your clients might come to expect them more frequently.

  • Make drip campaigns that are automated

Before they become clients, some people have multiple interactions with your business. Drip campaigns “drip” helpful information about a business, a product, or a sector over time.

For these campaigns to be effective, they must be pertinent, and thanks to email automation, drip campaign messages are only sent to prospects who have shown

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Wrapping it up

We have already covered the routines, advantages, and tools you will need to ensure efficient email automation. The goal of the procedure is to offer effective outcomes while optimizing the email marketing strategy.

Without email automation, it is simply not possible to provide updates and personalize the content; this is inefficient and old-fashioned. Email marketers should consider email automation for their campaigns if they want to expand their customer base, increase revenue, and nurture prospects.