Improve your outbound sales with added personalization

Auto-pilot your sales and focus on the things that bring revenue!

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Convert your prospect into a customer 🤝

It doesn’t really matter if you are selling your software services or financial services on the internet. Outbound sales is an predominant element of running a successful business these days.
Your outbound sales team won’t be able to perform 100% if they do not have access to the right tools for running a successful outbound sales campaign.

Make every engagement count with sales automation

Automate your messages at scale by personalizing them for your prospects. Sync audience data with your CRM and nurture them at every step of your sales cycle to help them make right purchase decision
Make every engagement count with sales automation

Monitor your outreach sequences with smart analytics

With smart dashboards, you can get the right insights in your SendBuzz account and determine the next steps to make your sales campaigns successful and effective.

Use detailed reporting to refine your outbound sales sequences and win more sales.

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Empower your outbound sales team!

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Use templates to break the boundaries

Use Playbooks and templates to initiate your outbound marketing & sales campaigns with SendBuzz. Get access to templates that help you get responses by modifying the content and making them more personalized
Personalized multi-channeloutreach at scale

Personalized multi-channel outreach at scale

Reach your prospects via emails, SMS, phone calls, and social media platforms with an added layer of personalization. Engage with your prospects across channels by sending them the message that helps you convert better.

Get access to great integrations at one place

Grow your sales by integrating the CRM of your choice and automation tools that help you gain a better ground at sales. Manage your sales team and get individual inboxes to avoid conflicts and reach out to new leads every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will CRM integration help me generate more revenue with outbound sales tool?

Using a CRM integration with sales outreach tool will help you to connect the right dots of your buyer’s journey. A worthy CRM will help you manage your lead scoring and engage with the prospects whose probability to convert is higher.

Does sales automation software help you understand your buyer?

Once you start running an outreach campaign, you will be able to see how users are reacting on various touch points and use custom triggers to push them towards conversion in the sales journey.

Does an outbound sales tool help me save time?

An outbound sales tool’s most important job is to save time and resources for your sales team. With automated workflows, you can simply save time and efforts of your sales team. Not only automating tasks to save time, your sales team can also use team feature to manage their leads without conflict of interests.