As per data, 1 in every 5 Gmail users has enabled their promotion tabs on Gmail app. While going through the emails, users prefer the most relevant information at the top of the inbox. Therefore, every email received by Gmail is filtered out and checked to see whether it has promotional activities or not. In such cases, those emails are mentioned in the Gmail promotion tab.

Hence, if you are an entrepreneur, marketer or sales professional, you would have to learn about the promotion tab to keep your emails at the top, not the promotion tab of your subscribers or prospects. Although it is quite simple to learn to avert the Gmail promotion tabs for effective promotion of a product or service. 

Through this blog, you will be able to understand the concept of the promotion tab on Gmail and ways to avoid hitting the promotion tab while sending emails. 

How to Avoid promotion Tab on Gmail

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What is Gmail Promotion Tabs?

Gmail Promotion Tabs is the location in Gmail that consists of all the marketing, promotional, or other bulk emails.

In other words, all the marketing emails, offers and rewards are landed in the Promotion tab of Gmail. Gmail can sort out incoming emails into various sections by using complex and clever algorithms. There are many important features which are used for this purpose, such as email content, HTML code, address of the sender and many more aspects. 

If the Gmail user wishes to check out the deals and offers, they can directly access them by opening the promotion tab. 

How to avoid promotion tab on gmail | 2023

Why should you hit the Gmail primary box?

Gmail has an intelligent algorithm used to scan every mail. Hence, if you are sending bulk emails that consist of information regarding deals, offers, and other promotional messages this would activate the Google algorithm and transfer your email to the promotions tab.

According to, 84.5% of the mails come under the category of promotion and land in the Promotions tab, and very few people reach it. Therefore, it is necessary to land your email in the primary inbox regarding your product or service.

Consequently, it is important to move your email from the promotion tab to the primary inbox tab of Gmail to enhance the rate of opening of emails and strengthen the conversation rate.

So, let’s go through some best strategies you can apply to avoid the Gmail promotion tab and share your email to the primary box.

Easy ways to avoid Promotion tab on Gmail

Scan out your email accounts

This is the best way to build up a good reputation and categorize your emails in the primary inbox tab. You can scan out your email account through the following methods:

  • Verify the email list: Email verification to make your emails important for the direct potential is necessary as unverified emails are quite risky. Hence, delivering to those email addresses may cost you a high bounce rate and suspicion from the Internet Service Provider. 
  • Check out the records of SPF, DKIM and DMARC, these are the mechanisms for the security to support your emails not to be lost in the promotion tab. Send your emails manually rather than through software. 
  • Take support from the subscribers: Ask your subscribers to provide insights so that you can move your emails from the promotion tab to the primary inbox tab. This can be done in the initial emails. Furthermore, you can also share the instructions in the form of video, text and any other form for moving the emails from the promotions tab to the primary inbox tab. This will help you to drag all the incoming emails to the primary tab instead of the promotion tab automatically. 

Categorize your subscribers

If you are sending emails in bulk to a large audience that will increase the chances of delivering your messages to the Promotion tab, or even the Spam folder. Even after that, if your message goes to the Primary inbox, still sending every email to every client will reduce the rate of opening of the emails and even they (customers) can mark your emails as spam.

Hence, categorizing your customers according to different parameters like location, gender, age, interests, previous conversations and many more. Therefore, send the messages based on the highly recommendable target audience by narrowing down the email list. This will support your emails to go to the Primary tab inbox.

Develop and deliver personalized emails

You can deliver your emails to the subscribers by using personalisation in the messages. This can be done by the following:

  • Address your customers by name, like you address your friends and relatives. 
  • Develop and send personalized subject lines. 
  • Create the content of the emails unique and relevant to the users. 
  • Many automation tools will support you with this task. For instance, email drip campaigns enable you to develop personalized messages according to the response of the actions of the subscribers. Through this, you will get different responses from the subscribers, and this will help you in sending the right message at the right time. 
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Do not use too many links

Emails with many links tend to go to the Promotion tab rather than the Primary inbox tab. Generally, companies incorporate many links in the message, such as the landing page of the company, product/ service page, social media page and many more. Consequently, links in abundance in the emails will direct your email to the Promotion tab.

Hence, minimize the number of links (not more than 3) including unsubscribe links, too.

Do not attach many images

Certainly, your email looks more attractive through images. However, it has another side too and emails with too many images indicate the emails as promotional email. And after this, you know the outcome.

You need to share the pictures with the emails to get maximum attention from the subscribers. Hence, share minimum images with more impact.

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If you want to have an email marketing campaign which won’t land in the Promotions tab, make sure you don’t add too many links and attach media. Moreover, a personalized mail has more chances to land in the Primary inbox. Keep all these tips in mind and then create your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing helps you achieve your goals. This article was about email marketing automation tools. We’ve described the basic details. We’ve described some of the best automation tools so that you can look at them. SendBuzz is an omnichannel sales outreach tool that helps your sales team convert faster and better.

Email marketing helps you achieve your goals. This article was about email marketing automation tools. We’ve described the basic details. We’ve described some of the best automation tools so that you can look at them. SendBuzz is an omnichannel sales outreach tool that helps your sales team convert faster and better.