Email prospecting is supposedly a time waster these days. This is a widespread misconception among those in sales. A Complete Guide To Email Prospecting Software is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their email outreach and lead generation efforts.

According to the hypothesis, today’s consumers prefer to do their product research rather than have a sales team use email marketing to pressure them into buying something. It’s also true that only 22% of emails were opened in the year 2022.

The truth is that one of the most well-liked and lucrative methods for sales representatives to contact leads continues to be email. And if done correctly, it can be effective.

We’re breaking down email prospecting best practices for creating, sending, and perfecting prospecting emails to help you receive responses from prospects.

What is a sales prospecting platform?

Prospecting for sales is locating and getting in touch with potential clients to bring in new business. Your modern-day salesperson must acquire, qualify, and contact leads to uncover who among them will deliver the next golden sales opportunity, much like 19th-century gold miners would sift through pebbles and dirt to find the gleam of valuable metal.

Sales prospecting is essentially the process of turning leads into prospects. This is accomplished through various actions, such as cold phoning, cold emailing, list building for emails, and customer involvement.

You are unsure at first if prospects meet your desired customer profile when they initially enter your sales funnel (ICP). You can determine whether leads satisfy your qualified buyer criteria through sales prospecting.

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how to choose the best email prospecting tools

How to Choose the Best Email Prospecting Tools

Currently, there are many email prospecting tools available. But not everything is appropriate for every person or business. Read our extensive list of email prospecting software and ensure you get the best one for your needs.

  • Where Do You Struggle Right Now?

    How can you ensure that your sales funnel is always up to date? How do you follow up on leads and make sure your prospects are getting closer to making a purchase?

    A well-organized spreadsheet is frequently all you need to increase your sales productivity. If you have just started creating a sales process,  you should begin using it throughout the onboarding phase.

    On the other hand, if you start skipping meetings or see that your average close time is increasing, there may be other issues that need to be resolved, such as the way you are screening leads or setting up meetings.

  • Does it Work With Your CRM?

    The ideal CRM functions as a database for all prospecting activity. Your task list, data storage, and automation tool may be combined into a single software. A top-notch CRM will have numerous integrations that enable data sharing with other products. Be sure the new software will work well with your CRM before selecting it.

    Think about it. If you have to manually transfer website visitor data, a new automation solution won’t be particularly useful. Make sure the tool you’re thinking about integrates with all the tools you use, especially your CRM, as the purpose of sales prospecting tools is to save sales representatives time.

  • How Will the Tool Be Used?

    Account managers have distinct needs from sales agents. Teams from inside and outside sales don’t adopt the same strategy. Finding the best tool involves solving particular problems and not finding a solution that works for your entire organization.

    Ensure the tool you’re thinking about helps those who need it with their problems. For instance, sales development can want a tool to improve leads, whereas account executives may require a tool to gather social media data from existing clients. Those could be two different tools, or they could be the same lead-seeking tool.

  • Can it be scaled?

    When comparing tools, most firms consider the price. Scalability is perhaps the most crucial aspect to take into account, even though the overall cost can have an impact on which tool is a suitable fit. This is because choosing the ideal email prospecting software is only the first step. Also, consider its long-term value.

    It isn’t much use if you outgrow a prospecting automation program after only a few months. Consider how various tools will grow over time, including potential cost increases, as you compare them.

    Does it, for instance, provide enough seats for your team? Does it have the data storage you require?


Best Ways To Do Email Prospecting

1. Choose the Appropriate Time to Send Emails

When it comes to your email marketing success percentage, timing is essential. By choosing the time carefully, you can boost your open and click-through rates, which is something you undoubtedly want to do. Another justification is that devoted users might wish to interact with your content, such as sharing with friends or on social media, etc. With that in mind, you ought to make use of all the resources at your disposal to ascertain when would be ideal for them.

Want to know the Best Time to send marketing emails?

2. Distribute Freebies

Promotional freebies can boost your revenue in addition to drastically increasing the number of subscribers. You could be hesitant to offer something for free. But many subscribers enjoy such type of promotional content and are prepared to swap their email addresses with you in exchange for it. Freebies like templates and tools are the most often used, with a click-through rate ranging from 26% to 66%.

3. Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

Imagine sending the best prospecting emails. But the instant you open them on your smartphone, the pictures don’t display, and the layout appears wrong. As a result, your subscribers aren’t able to interact with your business. This state of affairs can significantly affect the success of your email prospecting efforts.

Since most people use their smartphones extensively and are more likely to check their emails on their mobile phones, it makes sense to work on sending mobile-friendly emails.

4. Segment Your Subscribers

Segmenting your email lists speaks greater without delay and intelligently for your users. It offers them the proper data at the proper moment. If you do it correctly, you will soon start seeing the positive effects on your business.

5. Pick the Right Time for Sending Email .

After working on all the above steps, it is essential to make sure you send the email at the right time. If not sent at the right time, the best prospecting emails will not have the desired impact on your target audience.


Top Email Prospecting Tips To Consider

  • Get personal
    Personalization is one of the top and most important aspects you need to make sure you nail in each campaign. However, many humans have misunderstood personalization to mean addressing a subscriber with their name. While this is a part of it, there’s more to personalization than that. It can include :
    • Being applicable
    • Sending well-timed emails
    • Anticipating your subscriber’s specific needs

To win at sending personalized campaigns, you want to first know your client thoroughly.

  • Promotions aren’t everything
    While the main purpose of e-mail advertising is to develop your business, you have to realize that focusing on promotions is not what email advertising is all about. To succeed at e-mail advertising, you have to build and nurture long-term relationships with your clients.
  • Automation is a must
    Let’s be honest here. Without automation, you won’t be able to see the impact of e-mail advertising and marketing. It enables you to take your business to the next level. Automation allows you to grow  by :
    • Increasing conversion rates
    • Improving efficiency
    • Allowing you to reach out to your target audience without any difficulty

    Apart from those 3, there are many advantages of advertising and marketing automation. You will also get to gain from getting greater time to work on the core competency that will assist you in your enterprise growth.

  • Segment for quality outcomes

Segmentation is the process of grouping clients who have certain attributes in common. This permits you to design consumer trips that can be particular to the group. You are also able to create personalized content material to persuade your clients into taking certain actions.

To remain relevant to your subscribers, you should never send the same emails to everyone on your mailing list. If you don’t, this will increase the possibility that your content becomes irrelevant and they start to unsubscribe from receiving emails from you.

  • A/B testing is a must
    Always take a look at the important factors in your campaigns that will help you continuously increase your sales and grow your business.There are loads to analyze while you’re new to e-mail advertising. Wouldn’t it be outstanding to get a little knowledge from an e-mail advertising pro?

Use Email Marketing Platforms for Sales Prospecting


Stop switching between platforms to convert your leads! To achieve peak performance, leverage powerful integrations, automation, and personalization. Engage with the right leads across platforms to close more sales. With the click of a button, you can reach out to your prospects across all channels. 


Effective Email Marketing System for Business Growth. Consider utilizing tried-and-true email marketing tools like rich text formatting, landing page builders, email marketing templates, free email automation, and more.


Utilize the simple email editor to add your customizations to a pre-designed template. Or create your designs entirely. For complete creative control, import HTML templates.

With an automated welcome series, you can save time and connect with new subscribers when they’re most interested. Simple drip programs welcome new clients and introduce your brand.


Save time with this multi-channel platform that drives revenue round-the-clock. From welcome series and cart recovery to post-purchase campaigns and more, you can begin sending out your emails in minutes. Customize, test, and repeat to always know what’s working best.


Utilize Saleshandy’s mail merge feature to send each prospect a customized email with a personal touch, including custom fields and templates.

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While writing effective prospective emails can be challenging, success will come from extensive testing and analyzing the data.

Start by analyzing your prospect and comprehend their needs better if you want to succeed at email prospecting. Then, you can create the ideal prospecting email by applying the guidelines and models provided here.

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