A cold email is a cost-effective way to expand your outreach by generating quality leads. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 prospects prefer to be contacted by email. Therefore,connecting with potential leads as a part of effective cold email marketing is an obvious choice for any organization. Many people consider cold email outreach equivalent to a regular email campaign. However, that’s not the case. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. Every marketer and sales rep knows how much time and effort it takes to run a cold email campaign.

With the help of automation, the process of cold outreach can be optimized. You have to choose the best cold email marketing software for your organization from the many cold email tools available in the market. The right automation tool helps you automate your email outreach campaigns by letting you personalize at scale, automate follow-up, optimize lead generation, and more. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 23 best cold email tools of 2023 to make it easy for you to choose from. Read on to find the best cold email software that fits your needs.

What Is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an unsolicited email sent to a recipient without any prior relationship to them. The difference between a cold email and a regular one is in the context of your relationship with your recipient. In cold email marketing, you target those people with whom you have no prior relationship. Send personalized cold emails to generate more leads. 

Difference Between Cold Email and Warm Email

cold email vs warm email

Many people choose cold email over warm email because of the reasons mentioned above. You can start reaching out to your leads on the 1st day of your outreach. But the same is not true for the warm emails. Before reaching out to the prospects you have to make some marketing efforts and expose them to your content.

What Is Cold Email Software?

Cold email software is an automation tool that lets you automate your lead generation and cold email outreach strategies through automated sequences, follow-up, and more. This software helps you optimize your cold email outreach effectively.

What Should You Look for in Cold Email Outreach Software?

It’s easy to automate your cold email marketing campaigns. Following are the steps to automate your cold outreach camping :

  • Analyze your needs,Identify the features that would fulfill your cold email marketing needs.
  • Decide on your budget.
  • Look for the review of your chosen software.
  • Try out the selected cold email software (if they offer a free trial).
  • Then select the software that suits your needs.
cold email outreach software

How Can You Automate Your Cold Email Marketing?

With some of the efficient tools available in the marketplace, you can easily automate your cold email outreach. The intuitive interface of the software makes onboarding smooth for their users. Below are the features that your cold email outreach must have :

1) Segment Your List

The first step is to know who can benefit from your business. Identify the pain points that your product can solve and learn more about their interests. The set of people that fit the above criteria is your target audience. Segmenting helps you create a list for your cold email campaign.

2) Create Outreach Sequences

Now, create your cold email campaign by importing your email list into the software of your choice. You are ready for the outreach campaign. The magic starts here!

The features the cold email tools offer will optimize your cold email outreach.

Features That Optimize Cold Email Outreach:

  • Email Personalization

    Email templates save you time as you don’t have to write every individual email. The multiple placeholders let you personalize your emails at scale in no time. You can also hyper-personalize your emails by putting images in them to make them more engaging.

  • Inbox Rotation

    Every email address you use has a daily sending limit, and if you exceed that limit, your email can land in a spam folder. With email rotation, you can run your cold email campaigns using multiple inboxes for the same campaign. This helps you increase your sending limit without harming your email deliverability.

  • Random Intervals

    Sending your cold emails in large numbers can trigger the ESP’s spam filter. This could affect the email campaigns’ deliverability and harm your email address’s reputation. Features like random intervals arbitrarily send emails between the predetermined times the user sets.

  • A/B Testing

    With A/B testing, you can reach out to the prospect with the best email message in no time. A/B testing lets you test variants of emails. This helps you know which email is performing better. This lets you select the better-performing email variant for further testing.

  • Automated Follow-Up

    With automated follow-up features, you can schedule your emails for follow-up. The scheduling of the sequences makes it easy to consistently engage with the prospect without missing out on them.

  • Lead Scoring 

    Lead scoring is a process where a specific numerical value is assigned to every parameter according to its significance to the needs of your sales pipeline. After that, the leads are evaluated on these parameters, and scores are given to them. The higher the score, the higher the probability of the lead converting into a purchasing customer. Cold email tools have these features that let you automate these processes and give you a list of high-quality leads.

key features email outreach

3) Analyze Your Campaign Later

During your cold outreach, there is a lot of data being collected. Analyzing that data can help you find the gaps in your cold outreach campaign.

Some of the Key Metrics Are:

  • Open Rate
  • Click-through Rate
  • Bounce Rate, and more.

The features mentioned above are essential for a successful cold email campaign. Now that you know the essential features a cold email tool should have, let’s explore some cold email outreach tools that offer you a mix of these features.

What Is SendBuzz?

SendBuzz is a sales engagement platform that helps you optimize your sales process. You can reach out to your prospect effectively and generate more revenue. With SendBuzz, you can get advanced features like inbox rotation, custom tracking, reply detection, A/B testing, and more.


Some of the features that are offered by SendBuzz are :

1. Multi- Channel Outreach
multichannel outreach

Multi-Channel Outreach helps you to reach out to the prospect across multiple channels. When you can reach out to the prospects where they are, it increases your probability of getting a response. You can run personalized sequences and schedule more meetings with the clients. Transfer the client information straight to your campaign with a few clicks. It saves you much time and effort as you do not have to switch between multiple windows to transport the prospect data. Multi-channel outreach campaigns do not let your prospect leak out of your sales pipeline because of the customized touchpoint.

2. Email Personalization
email personalization

When reaching out to your leads, your interaction with them must be personalized, as personalization plays a vital role in the success of any cold email campaign. SendBuzz helps you personalize the email at scale with less effort. With features like pre-build email campaigns and hyper-personalization, you can stand out from the crowd in your prospect’s inbox.

3. Cold Email
Cold Email

With features like inbox rotation, randomized sending campaigns, and A/B testing, you can quickly run a successful campaign. The best part of running the campaigns with SendBuzz is that you can reach out to your leads with a unique mix of features that optimizes your outreach. This helps you build relationships with the leads and bring them into your sales funnel.

4. Lead Scoring
Lead Scorings

Lead Scoring will categorize your leads according to their probability of converting them into high-paying customers. When you know who to prioritize first, you can put your efforts and time into the client that will convert faster. So, stop the guesswork and decide based on the data using lead scoring.

5. CRM Acceleration
CRM Acceleration

Sync your data with a few clicks and in no time. If your sales reps are still manually importing data from your CRM, you are wasting their precious time in the data entry work. With SendBuzz, you can quit the data entry work and focus on customer-facing activity.

6. Sales Reporting Tool
Sales Reporting Tool

Sync your data with a few clicks and in no time. If your sales reps are still manually importing data from your CRM, you are wasting their precious time in the data entry work. With SendBuzz, you can quit the data entry work and focus on customer-facing activity.

23 Best Cold Email Marketing Tools

Below is the list that we have compiled of the cold email outreach tools with various capacities that can help you with the cold email outreach.

1) SendBuzz

In the above section, the introduction to SendBuzz has been mentioned. We have mentioned how SendBuzz features can help you with cold email outreach.

SendBuzz Marketing tool

Pros :

  • Offers different pricing plans to choose from. Check SendBuzz pricing
  • Have unique mix features like Lead Scoring, Unified Inbox, and Custom tracking that enable you to understand your prospect better.
  • Easy onboarding process and intuitive interface that increases the adaptability of the app.
  • Features like Randomize Sending Interval and Inbox Rotation help you simultaneously accelerate your cold email outreach and increase the deliverability score.
  • Although SendBuzz does not offer any email warming tool, you can integrate any warmup tool like Inboxigniter with the software.

Cons :

  • No major drawback.

Pricing and Features :

  • Cost per month
SendBuzz pricing features

2) Lemlist

Lemlist is a sales outreach platform where you can run your cold email marketing. Personalize your sales, auto-follow up your leads, and improve your deliverability with Lemlist. The tool has an interface that is designed for the new-age customer.

lemlist marketing tool

Pros :

  • Offers feature for email deliverability. Lemwarm helps you connect with your prospect with ease. With $29 per month, you can boost the deliverability of your inbox.
  • Spin syntax helps you run and create variations of the message in the cold email. This helps you reach out to the prospect with the best message.
  • Native integration with multiple CRMs will help you generate leads in no time.

Cons :

  • No customer support.
  • Complex UI for new users.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
lemlist pricing features

3) Saleshandy

Saleshandy aims to scale up your cold email outreach in cost-effective ways. Its simple and clean interface gives you a clear picture of its product. 

saleshandy marketing tools

Pros :

  • Features like email templates and cold email outreach let you draft email messages quickly. Automating your outreach at scale with personalized messages.
  • Unified features let you reply to your prospect in no time. You can get all your email messages in one place.
  • Integrate the CRM you already use by adding a CRM ID in the BCC section.
  • The tool does support SMTP integration; you need Zapier to integrate with other tools.

Cons :

  • No drawbacks
  • Has no native integrations with CRM.
  • Difficult for new users to start an email campaign.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
saleshandy features and pricing

4) PersistIQ

PersistIQ is a sales outreach tool for small teams to automate their sales outreach. It is a Chrome extension that lets you quickly find LinkedIn prospects, get their email addresses, and add them to your campaigns.

persistiq marketing tools

Pros :

  • Features like A/B testing and custom tracking help you to run cold email campaigns effectively.
  • They have limited Integration like Pipedrive, Copper & Hubspot,and you can integrate it using Zipper (No native integration)
  • Social selling extension helps you interact with the leads over social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Cons :

  • Build only for small teams
  • No native integrations
  • Limited features for the campaign
  • A limited number of emails per day

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost is per Monthly and Billed Yearly
persistiq pricing feautres

5) Yesware

Yesware is an outreach platform that emphasizes an easy-to-use interface. This makes it easy for your sales reps to quickly adapt to the tool and navigate across the tool easily.

yesware marketing tools

Pros :

  • Attachment tracking helps you view your prospect activity on the attached files and how long they spend on your files. You can do this straight from your inbox.
  • You can also attach your collateral with your campaigns and templates.
  • Create templates that can be reused in the entire sales cycle.
  • With the dataset of 100+ million business profiles, you can reach directly to the concerned person.

Cons :

  • No inbox rotation
  • No native integrations

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
yesware pricing features

6) Mailrush

Mailrush aims to focus just on automated cold email outreach. The comprehensive ecosystem supports cold email outreach. Features like email warmup, validation, and follow-up let you run your cold email campaign and optimize your lead generation process.

mailrush marketing tools

Pros :

  • They are dedicatedly cold email outreach tools with features more suited to your cold email campaigns, like dedicated IP addresses, email validation, and email warmup.
  • Their pricing for the small campaign is quite affordable.

Cons :

  • They have limited features as they only offer cold email outreach.

Pricing and Features :

  • Cost Per Month
mailrush pricing features

7) Sales.Rocks

Sales.Rocks has a database of about 200+ million contacts, spreading over 115+ million companies worldwide. You can automate your sales prospecting with Sales.Rocks.

salesrock business tools

Pros :

  • Customer Profiling gives you general information about your target and existing accounts for account-based prospecting, firmographic segmentation, and advanced email personalization.
  • You can get cold email outreach and LinkedIn integration in a single sales sequence.
  • Automated follow-up with drip camping facilitates your outreach, lead nurturing, and LinkedIn and social selling.
  • The tool offers email templates and email warming for personalization and deliverability.

Cons :

  • On the expensive side for small businesses.
  • No unified inbox.
  • Only Email outreach, not for Linkedin engagement.

Pricing and Feature :

  • The Cost is Per Month and Billed Half-Yearly and Annually.
salesrock pricing features

8) Close.io

Close.io is a CRM that manages the growth of your customer base. With the easy onboarding process and intelligent insight from analyzing workflow and KPIs, you can grow your revenue quickly. 

closeio marketing tools

Pros :

  • You can store data regarding leads, contacts, and future opportunities on the CRM. The automated data management tool saves you a lot of time by automating the data management process.
  • They have Zapier integration so that you can connect additional tools.
  • Features like multi-channel outreach let you reach out to the leads across channels.
  • Facilitates saving the best-performing email templates that can be used for other outreach campaigns.

Cons :

  • Customers would like to improve the user experience.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month and Billed Monthly.
closeio pricing features

9) WoodPecker

WoodPecker is a cold email tool that automates your cold email campaigns. The tool is tailored made for lead generation and cold email outreach.

woodpecker marketing tools

Pros :

  • You can monitor your daily sending limit.
  • Add unlimited team members and collaborate with them freely .
  • Offers both email warm up and recovery.
  • Supports integration via Zapier.

Cons :

  • Does not offer features like email rotation, flow testing, and random intervals.
  • Less email deliverability

Pricing and Features :

  • Cost Per Month
woodpecker pricing features

10) Mailshake

Mailshake is a sales engagement tool that helps you increase your reply rate by improving your email deliverability. Their user-friendly approach to cold emailing makes it simple for the sales reps to run cold email outreach.

mailshake marketing tools

Pros :

  • Drafting the email can be done efficiently by the read-to-use email templates and Shakespear writer.
  • Tracking reports like open, close, and click-through rates helps you optimize your sales process.
  • Generate quality leads with the features like Lead Catcher and Lead Driver.
  • Increase your productivity by tracking your team’s performance with a productivity task report.

Cons :

  • The onboarding process is not frictionless.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
mailshake pricing features

11) Reply.io

Reply.io is a sales engagement software enabling you to email and manage drip campaigns efficiently. The multi-channel outreach lets you reach out to the leads where they are.

reply marketing tools

Pros :

  • Multiple placeholders make your email personalized at scale. You can also hyper-personalize your cold email outreach with videos and images.
  • A/B testing helps to reach out to the prospect with the best messages to increase the response rate.
  • They also offer lead warm up tools like leawarm that improves the deliverability score.
  • Native integration with CRM like Salesforce, Close.io, Base Zendesk sell, and Copper.

Cons :

  • Poor customer service.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
reply pricing features

12) SmartReach

SmartReach is a tool that automates cold outreach in less time. Let’s explore the benefits of adding SmartReach as your automation tool.

smartreach marketing tools

Pros :

  • Dynamic email content personalizes your text, making your message more relevant to your target audiences.
  • You can also integrate your CRM and Email finder tools with SmartReach.
  • Strengthen your deliverability with tools like email warmup, spam testing, and email validation to land straight into the recipient’s primary inbox.

Cons :

  • Lacks basic prospect management features, according to the reviews on Capterra.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
smartreach pricing features

13) Autopitch

Autopitch is a cost-effective cold outreach tool that lets you contact cold prospects. Features include auto follow-up, campaign reporting, and more.

autopitch marketing tools

Pros :

  • You can avoid writing emails from scratch with email templates offered by the tool.
  • Automatically trace the auto-replies and identify the bounce rate.
  • Offer tracking reports like open rate, click-through rate, and other metrics.
  • Hyper-personalize at scale with images in your email.

Cons :

  • Does not offer integration.
  • Poor user interface.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
autopitch marketing pricing features

14) Outplay

Sales engagement and sales automation Platform that lets you reach out to the prospect at scale. Outplay focuses on high-velocity sales and reaching out to the prospect with zero friction at hyper speed.
outplay marketing tools

Pros :

  • You can optimize your cold outreach with multi-channel, custom tracking, and intelligent sequences.
  • A/B testing and email templates help you draft lead-converting messages.
  • Manage opportunities efficiently with Outplay by custom tracking improves your prospect understanding.

Cons :

  • Limited features in the automated sequences.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
outplay pricing features

15) Snov.io

Scale up your Business and engage with your prospects with Snov.io. The CRM offers a powerful solution to a specific sales problem. With multiple integrations, this software can be a game changer for your business.

snovio marketing tools

Pros :

  • With the email finder, you can find contact information via domain, company, and first name of the prospective.
  • Set up a campaign by building a multi-flow campaign in a few minutes. Features like drag-n-drop builder, flow based on recipient behavior, and templet library help you do so.
  • Custom personalization variables, fallback features, and image personalization with Hippo videos help you with deep personalization.
  • Have complete sending control with A/B testing, real-time analytics, and more.

Cons :

  • No drawback

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
snovio pricing features

16) MailChimp

MailChimp is focused only on bulk email campaigns. Their tagline, “Turn Emails into Revenue” clearly states what their tool offers.

mailchimp marketing tools

Pros :

  • They offer 24/7 email and chat support that helps with the easy onboarding process.
  • With Customer Journey Builder automation generation, four times as many leads.
  • The content optimizer will analyze 20 million data points on average to offer personalized suggestions for every email.
  • Increase customer value and Likelihood to purchase segments by identifying and targeting your most valuable customers.

Cons :

  • Limited to only email marketing.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
mailchimp pricing features

17) Kently

Kently is a sales engagement platform that enables sales teams to hyper-personalize cold email campaigns effectively. Optimize your outreach with features like multi-channel outreach, automated sequences, reporting tools, and more.

klenty marketing tools

Pros :

  • Email cadence helps to organize your outreach so that your sales reps can reach out to you with cadence.
  • Mail Merge, Random interval, A/B testing with deliverability score, and testing your email messages.
  • Know your prospect better with features like Intent score, custom tracking, and email validation.
  • You can also customize your plan according to your needs.

Cons :

  • No major drawbacks

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
klenty pricing features

18) Overloop

Overloop is a sales engagement platform that offers ultra-personalized campaigns by mixing Cold Emails and LinkedIn outreach Automation.

overloop marketing tools

Pros :

  • They offer templates for the hyper-personalization of your cold email.
  • Multi-channel outreach lets you reach out to the client across channels for your cold outreach.
  • With LinkedIn tracking, you can track your contacts on the platform if they have accepted the invitation request or not.
  • Activity reporting increases your productivity and performance.

Cons :

  • Fewer options in their pricing plan.
  • Not an apt tool for big firms and businesses.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
overloop pricing features

19) Quickmail

Quickmail is a cold outreach solution that helps boost your outreach with better insight drawn from the sales data and enhanced deliverability report.

quickmail marketing tools

Pros :

  • They offer free, limited features for you to know their tool and get used to the app.
  • AutoWarmer improves the deliverability score so that your email can land directly into the primary inbox of your recipient.
  • Their platform supports Zapier for integrating the other tools in the platform.
  • All the major email service providers like Gmail and Outlook to Custom SMTP/IMAP can be integrated into the platform.

Cons :

  • The onboarding process is not frictionless.
  • Limited features in reporting.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
quickmail pricing features

20) SalesBlink

SalesBlink is a sales outreach platform that lets you run your sequences in autopilot mode. The sales engagement tool helps you generate clients effortlessly, from prospecting to email warming. You can scale your outreach to the enterprise level with SalesBlink.

salesblink marketing tools

Pros :

  • You can use ChatGPT to create email sequences that can be drafted according to your preferences.
  • Hyper-personalize your text and images in your email message with the sales engagement app.
  • Know what works for you by custom tracking and A/B testing to know the best approach toward your recipients.
  • The platform has features like spam detection and deliverability reports to ensure your campaign’s success.

Cons :

  • Their email builder needs to work more efficiently.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
salesblink pricing features

21) MixMax

MixMax is a sales engagement platform with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that helps create successful campaigns in Gmail. 

mixmax marketing tools

Pros :

  • Personalize your sequences with Mixmax with features like combining emails, calls, LinkedIn touchpoints, and tasks that let you meet the leads where they are.
  • You can also customize the email of a single individual into your sequences.
  • Get client feedback by embedding polls so your prospects can respond in clicks. Use that data for the automated follow-up.
  • You can use a client with the alters created via Slack or email, or automated call tasks.

Cons :

  • Does not sync with Salesforce properly.

Pricing and Feature :

  • Cost Per Month
Mixmax features pricing

22) Outreach

Outreach is a sales execution platform that facilitates sales teams to build a sales pipeline and predictability to close more deals.

Outreach marketing tools

Pros :

  • The services of outreach are broader than just the sales process. It offers features that help every element of the organization, from sellers to front-line managers, sales leaders, and ops.
  • Have features like dynamic placeholders to dynamic videos to make it more personalized.
  • Target the right audiences with features like Deal Health, Sentiment Analysis, and Integrated A/B Target.
  • Offer integration with Salesforce and Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM.

Cons :

  • Complex UI
  • The pricing is not mentioned on the product page

Explore : Why SendBuzz is a better alternative to Outreach?

Pricing : They have not mentioned any pricing plan on their website.

23) Salesloft

SalesLoft is an AI-powered revenue workflow platform that generates the best outcomes by delighting customers, maximizing revenue, and increasing lifetime value.

Salesloft marketing tools
  • Offers you to customize your emails using personal data, videos, and snippets
  • Monitors each email based on their level of personalization and gives a personalized score.
  • Reps assign suitable campaigns to their prospects with features like sales playbooks for multi-channel outreach.
  • Has an integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM.
  • Provides data like open Rate and click rates, detect replies, bounces, and out-of-office (OOO) that lets you analyze your data.
  • Few technical issues and poor customer service.
Pricing and Feature:
  • Custom pricing
Salesloft Pricing features

Metric to Consider as Benchmark

To measure your outreach, there are various metrics that you can use to keep your businesses at power according to industry standards. Here is the data on key metrics and industry benchmarks.

  1. Click-Through Rate (CTR%) : Click-through is the percentage of times your links are clicked in your emails.
  2. Open Rate (%) : This metric measures the percentage of emails that the recipient opens.
  3. Reply Rate(%) : It measures the percentage of direct responses the recipient receives.
  4. Bounce Rate(%) : The percentage of emails the recipients do not receive is called the Bounce Rate.
  5. Unsubscribe Rate (%) : The percentage of recipients who opted out of your email list.

Table for the Metric

Table for the metric

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Can You Decide Between Cold Email Software and Email Marketing Tools?

If you need to expand your business outreach (lead generation), you need cold email software. And if you already have an email list, use an email marketing tool.

Which ESP to Choose for the Cold Email Outreach?

Choose an ESP with a  good reputation, who can handle the delivery of many emails, and where your campaigns can run safely.

Is It Safe to Choose Cold Email for Lead Generation?

Yes, it’s safe to choose cold email for lead generation, as you are not a spammer approaching people mindlessly.

Why Should You Choose to Invest in Cold Email Software?

Investing in cold email software is valuable as it optimizes your cold outreach in multiple ways. But again, choosing to invest in anything is a matter of opinion. Yet you must take the free trial of the software before deciding anything.


In the above blog, we have discussed cold email automation and how you can implement it in your business. If you want to get the most out of your lead generation and cold outreach campaigns, you need to follow best practices such as sending personalized cold emails and follow-up emails to your prospects, offering value to them, and focusing on building long-term relationships. Now, it’s up to you to choose the best cold email software that suits your needs and creates ample opportunities for revenue growth that give you the required boost to take your business to the next level.