Black Friday, which falls after Thanksgiving, is the largest sales day in the US and marks the beginning of the shopping season in the country. Retailers roll out deals both online and in-store to their customers to entice them.

In the blog, we will walk you through what Black Friday is, the reason why it is so significant to retailers, and some amazing tips on how to run a successful Black Friday campaign.

On these days, customers get to buy things at a discount after the famous US holiday, Thanksgiving. Read on to explore more about Black Friday and ways in which you can benefit from the deals.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

History of Black Friday

Black Friday was coined in 1869. Two investors, Jay Gould and Jim Frisk, brought the market crashing down by artificially driving the price of gold. This resulted in the crash of the stock market by 20%, foreign trade stopped, and farmers witnessed a huge drop in corn and wheat values.

Later, in the 1950s and early 1960s, locals resurrected the term by referring to the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy football game. A large number of tourists and shoppers would gather during the event. But not until the late 1980s did the term become synonymous with shopping. The term “Black Friday” was inspired by how accountants use different coloured ink, where negative earnings are written in red and profitable trades are written in black.

When is Black Friday Saas Deals Day in 2023?

Black Friday does not fall on the same day every year, just as Thanksgiving does not fall on the same date each year. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24, 2023.

How Can Retailers Benefit from This?

Retailers benefit from Black Friday as they can increase their sales in a short period of time. Attractive Black Friday deals increase the opportunity for retailers to have more traffic on their websites and, at the same time, increase sales. As people intend to make a purchase on the best deals of Black Friday, it’s easy for retailers to acquire new customers.

What Are the Benefits of Black Friday?

Black Friday became one of the most popular shopping days for the population of the world due to the wide variety of offers and discounts that were being offered by retailers. The Black Friday sales also give shoppers the opportunity to take advantage of the limited-time deals and find the best deals that are present in the market. In addition, Black Friday sales often help local businesses, as they encourage people to shop locally.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a marketing term referring to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It’s a 24-hour online shopping event that was originally created by businesses to encourage people to do their shopping online and is now often regarded as an extension of the Black Friday sales.

How Do I Get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Saas Deal?

The origin of Black Friday goes back a long way to the 1950s, as compared to Cyber Monday, which is quite recent. The term was coined in 2005 to describe the Monday after Black Friday, when people shop continuously over the weekend. Many retailers study the market so that they can offer that work on the previous Friday.

Black Friday SaaS software Tips

  1. Start your research for SaaS deals early on. As it will give you more time to understand the offers and deals that are being offered by these software companies.
  2. Organize your buyers and identify your target audiences. This will help you customize your SaaS deals to match the needs of every single buyer and generate more revenue.
  3. Don’t shy away from experimenting, as you don’t know what might work for you. If you offer a single Black Friday SaaS deal, then you would miss the chance of tapping a large section of the market.
  4. Optimize your conversions by making your landing page and email marketing efficient. Make it easy for your buyers to avail themselves of your offers and deals.

What Black Friday SaaS Deals Can We Expect to See in 2023?

When it comes to the Black Friday SaaS deals, it’s important that you do your research in advance, as you might even get Lifetime deals on their tools, as SaaS tools prefer to offer Lifetime deals on Black Friday sales or on Cyber Monday.

Here are some of the tools and offers that you can avail of on Black Friday:

Best Early Black Friday Software Deals Deals to Shop

LinkedFusion – LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tool

Connect and build relationships with the prospects and generate warm leads with LeadFusion. With easy follow-ups and integration you can accelerate your lead generation, import client data and more. With the access to the native integration with your CRM software manage your data with ease.
Highlighted features :

  • One of the safest and personalized LinkedIn outreach automation tools
  • LinkedFusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn outreach and lead generation platform.

Key Offering :

  • Scheduled AI generation posts
  • Native integration with CRM of your choice
  • Run drip campaign
  • Safest LinkedIn outreach platform to send requests.
  • LinkedIn automation for outreach
  • Smart follow up
  • Native CRM integrations
  • Dedicated IP address for safer outreach

What are we offering? (Deal) : Get attractive discounts on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans.

Discount offered : up to 40% off

Validity : From 15 November to 30 November, 2023

Make your sales engagement seamless and smooth with the sales engagement software sales engagement software. Run successful campaigns and generate more businesses effortlessly with this cost effective software. With the features that are designed to facilitate your sales and interaction with the prospect you can boost your revenue in no time.

Highlight features :

  • Multi-channel outreach platform
  • Smart sequences with various features
  • A/B and flow testing
  • Email rotation
  • Integration with the CRM tools
  • Automate email campaigns.

Key Offering :

  • Lead scoring – Helps you prioritize your high value client
  • Cold Email – Generate new leads for your sales funnel
  • Email personalization – Get maximum response from your target audiences
  • CRM acceleration – Native integration to the CRM of your choice
  • Sales reporting – Enables data driven decision making
  • Sales cadences – Organize your sales outreach
  • Outbound sales – Generate new businesses opportunity with lead generation

What are we offering? (Deal) : Get attractive discounts on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans.

Discount offered : Up to 40% off

Validity : From 15 November to 30 November, 2023

LeadConnect – LinkedIn Outreach Automation Tool

Highlight features :

  • LinkedIn outreach automation tool available scalable
  • Recruitment teams and Enables you to send automation requests
  • Drip messaging sequences
  • Connect CRM tools with native integrations, nurture client relationships, and manage data at one place.

Key Offering :

  • Enable your sales team with extension based LinkedIn outreach tool
  • Recruitment teams
  • Run email campaigns
  • Integrate CRM tools with native integration
  • Automated follow up
  • Manage data at a single place.

What are we offering? (Deal) : Get attractive discounts on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans.

What software offers: Chrome Extension based LinkedIn automation solution. Native CRM integrations.

Discount offered : up to 40% off

Validity : From 15 November to 30 November, 2023


Highlight features :

UberFox helps businesses fill their sales pipelines by running smart automated outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with the advanced virtual assistant technology. Run your prospecting campaigns and improve your revenue with LinkedIn automation. UberFox integrated directly with your CRM for scalability.

Key Offering :

  • LinkedIn virtual assistants
  • Automated software LinkedIn outreach sequence
  • Native CRM integrations
  • Dedicated IP addresses for safer outreach

What are we offering? (Deal) : Get attractive discounts on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans.

Discount offered : up to 40% off

Validity : From 15 November to 30 November, 2023

LeadCRM – LinkedIn Integration Tool For CRM

Highlight features :

  • Easily add your Prospect to your CRM from LinkedIn
  • Website, social media and more
  • Two way sync with chrome extension
  • Automated manual entry to boost productivity
  • Manage your sales pipeline with automated update user data and run your revenue operation at scale.

Key Offering :

  • Find LinkedIn email addresses
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Customized CRM field

Discount offered : 10% flat discount on annual plans

Validity : From 24 November to 30 November


Highlight features :

Folderly is an all-in-one email solution platform that aims to locate, solve, and prevent email deliverability issues. It helps businesses build robust email infrastructure, increase email deliverability, get high open and reply rates, and boost outcomes through email marketing. Gain full visibility on where your emails land — be it in the inbox, spam, or promotions folder. Achieve 100% email deliverability, increase your sender score, and reach the primary inbox of any prospect.

Key Offering :

  • Track where your emails land—inbox, spam, or promotional folders—so you always have a complete picture of your email deliverability.
  • Discover the exact reasons why your emails land in spam, along with expert steps to fix the issues.
  • Get a long-term strategy for intact email deliverability from our expert email deliverability team, which sends 5+ million emails daily.
  • Easily craft, fix, and manage your email copies to mitigate deliverability issues connected with content problems.
  • Get your email deliverability fixed, so emails land directly in your recipient’s inbox, and you always get predictable results.

Discount offered : 50% off for the first three months of Folderly subscription

Validity : 15 November to 27 November


Highlight features:

  • No-code blogging platform.

Key Offering :

No-code tool that helps businesses to add a blog to their existing website, no matter what website builder they use. Comes with a built-in SEO Helper that analyzes the blog article and helps to rank it higher on Google.

Discount offered : 50% off for annual plan for first year.

Validity : Until December 1, 2023


Highlight features :

  • WordPress animation plugin for promotional videos.

Key Offering :
Take any video and transform into immersive web experience using our wordpress plugin.Image sequence animation plays and rewinds on scroll.Easy integration into any page with just a few click! Out now on WordPress repository.

Discount offered : 60%
Validity : Until December 1, 2023


Key Offering :

Zipy is a Unified Customer Experience Platform that helps fix user experience problems by combining session replay, product analytics, error monitoring, and fixing in one platform. With Zipy, you can analyze user behavior, monitor customer issues, and drive product adoption.

Discount offered : Zipy is now offering 20% off (up to $350) on all our Annual plans.
Validity : Valid till 30th Nov 2023


CallPage is a lead capture tool that enables site visitors to request an instant callback or schedule a meeting in just a few seconds. CallPage widget helps increase the number of leads generated from the website by an average of 35%–120%. The CallPage widget helps you gain 30-125% more leads. Moreover, CallPage is mobile-friendly, responsive, and looks great on all screens.

Highlight features :
Lead automation, Callback, Meetings Scheduling, Virtual Numbers & PBX, Lead and call automation

Discount offered : up to 40% discount
Validity : 21.11.2023 – 27.11.2023


Consolto redefines the conferencing experience for customer meetings, merging the power of live chat, appointment scheduling, and video chat into one unified platform. Tailored exclusively for enriched customer interactions, imagine the best of Zoom, Calendly, and Intercom seamlessly. integrated into one transformative tool.
Highlight features :

Where video chats meet CRM: recommended for every business engaging with customers.

Discount offered : 50% off yearly subscriptions for the 1st year
Validity : November 15th to 28th, 2023


Retable is a cloud-based all-in-one data management platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the complexity of a database, allowing users to create, customize, and collaborate on databases for a wide range of applications. With features like grid, calendar, card, map, form, list and Kanban views, as well as integration options, Retable offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for managing projects, tasks, data, and content, making it a popular choice for both individuals and businesses looking for a flexible and collaborative database management tool.

Highlight features :

Powerful online spreadsheet software for users.

Discount offered : Use promo code RTBLBF50 to avail 50% discount on annual and monthly plans.
Validity : Oct 15 – Dec 31, 2023

Bouncer – Email Verification Platform

Bouncer is the easiest to use, yet the most powerful email verification and deliverability service, trusted by over 5000 companies from 6 continents, rated 4.9 on Capterra, G2Crowd, and TrustRadius with over 460 reviews.

Highlight features :
Email verification API, Toxicity check, Integrations, Deliverability kit, Why Bouncer?, Premium Support, Rocket-Fast Speed, Deep Catch-All Verification, Kickin’ 🙊 UI, SOC2 and GDPR-compliant

Discount offered : Get 40% extra email verification credits for every pay-as-you-go purchase! The promotion applies to any quantity, Credits never expire, No promo code

GetGenie AI

GetGenie AI — the most advanced WordPress AI tool for SEO-optimised content & copywriting. It has 30+ ready-made templates and amazing use cases like SEO Keyword Analysis, SERP Competitor Analysis, On Page Optimization, Meta Description, Content Scoring, Blog Outline Creator, Blog Title Writer, Blog Article Assistant, Product Descriptions, Sales Copywriter, and many more.
Product Features: AI Copywriting Tool

Highlight features :

  • AI Copywriting Tool

Discount offered : up to 40% discount

Validity : 22nd November, 2023 to 5th December, 2023


Learn UX design at your own pace with guided, bite-sized education that’s effective and fun. Used by 250K+ designers around the world.

Highlight features :

  • Online UIUX Certification Platform

Discount offered : 50% Lifetime Discount on Annual Plans and $75 OFF for Professional Certification

Validity : Nov 24th – Nov 28th, 2023


SendFlock is an email warm-up and cold email automation software. It helps SaaS companies get customers without spending money on paid ads or content marketing. SendFlock will be a good option if you want to acquire customers at a low cost.

Highlight features:

  • Email Warmup, Automatic Followup, Unified Inbox, CRM, Email Rotation, Workflow Automation

Discount offered : 50% OFF on monthly plan and Coupon code: BFCM23
Validity : November 15 – December 15, 2023


SmarterQueue is the most powerful and user-friendly social media scheduling tool. With content discovery, smart scheduling, recycling, and analytics, you can grow your business and brand faster and more easily than ever before.

Highlight features :

Intelligent social media scheduling and automation for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google My Business Queues, posting plans, and content categories to power scheduling automation AI Caption Writer, auto-generate posts for you Evergreen recycling to automatically repost content and boost engagement Content variations to tailor messaging based on social network and audience Content discovery and curation to quickly and easily share value-adding content Powerful, but easy-to-use analytics to make it easy to replicate success Direct Publish to Instagram feed and Reels, with Visual Grid Planner and more.

Discount offered : 40% off your first year (when paid annually)

Validity : November 24 – 27 November, 2023


Cloudways hosting: Managed cloud hosting for effortless website performance and scalability.

Highlight features :
Managed cloud hosting with top providers, automated backups, robust security, user-friendly interface, and scalability.

Discount offered : 40% discount for 4 Months on all hosting plans + 40 free migrations

Coupon code : BFCM4040
Validity : 13th November, 2023 till 1st December, 2023


SalesBlink is an AI-powered cold email outreach solution using which you can search for prospects, put your cold email sequences on autopilot, view stats and reports for opens, clicks, replies and more effortlessly. BlinkGPT is SalesBlink’s in-house Generative AI that lets you write emails, create sales sequences, and much more with just a few clicks. Integrates natively with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM & Slack

Discount offered : 50% off on Scale and Business Plans for next 1 year for both Yearly and Monthly Plans

Coupon code : Use Coupon “BlackFriday2023” on checkout
Validity : 1st November – 31 December 2023

OneStream Live

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that enables users to create, schedule, and multistream real-time & recorded live streams on 45+ social media platforms and the web  simultaneously.

Highlight features :

  • Social Media Streaming
  • Playlist Streaming
  • Embed Player
  • Team Management
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Unified Chat
  • Recording

Discount offered : 20% off on all monthly plans for the first 3 months.

Coupon code : BFCM20

Discount time period : All Monthly Plans for the first 3 months

Validity : 10 Nov – 5 Dec 2023


Highlight Features :

Gumlet Video is a complete video hosting platform designed for the post-TikTok, mobile-first, video-first internet we live in today. Securely host, optimize, and stream videos with in-depth analytics built in. Manage videos with intuitive CMS, customize the video player with your branding, and protect your video assets from piracy and theft. Control every aspect of the end-user video experience and run your streaming pipeline on autopilot with Gumlet.

Key Offering :

  • Video hosting and streaming
  • Video protection
  • Video delivery optimization
  • Video analytics

Deal Details : This is a Vimeo Alternative Lifetime Deal running on AppSumo, available in 5 different tiers of licensing depending upon the bandwidth and usage, starting from $59. Get a chance to win the highest tier for free by pre-registering.

Validity : 19th November – 29th November 2023


Turbologo is an AI online logo generator that will create your logo in a couple of minutes. Our logo maker allows you to create all types of logos, business cards, covers for social networks, letterheads, favicons and more. Create your unique custom logo with Turbologo for free today!
Highlight Features :

  • Artificial Intellgence, Free Logo Design Tool, Logo Maker

Discount : 20% discount (promo code: BF2023)
Validity : 24/11/2023 – 26/11/2023


Clearout is the most accurate and preferred suite of cutting-edge tools for elevating sales and marketing efforts. It simplifies the task of prospecting and engaging potential leads via email and phone numbers. By combining real-time and bulk email validation and Email Finder, Clearout extends your outreach, minimizes bounce rates, and enhances deliverability with guarantee. With Clearout, you can effortlessly connect with every lead, unlocking maximum sales potential.

Highlight Features :
Provides Guaranteed Deliverability. Seamless integration with your favorite ESPs & CRMs and with all online forms, web pages through WordPress Plugin and JavaScript Widget

Discount : We’re offering all our users this once-a-year Offer. Get up to 50% Off this Black Friday on one-time purchases, that’s a savings of $500+.

Coupon code : Coupon code will be available on the launch date

Validity : 20th November to 30th November


We at ClearoutPhone do Phone number validation to primarily know the validity, line type, network carrier, location etc, of the users before reaching them through various ways like SMS/call etc. It’s a real-time process that takes less than a fraction of second.

Highlight Features :
We validate phone number across the globe with a multi-level process that covers validation via International telecom authority, multiple carrier lines, and 3rd party validation, we ensure the highest level of accuracy achievable for each number.

Discount : We’re offering all our users this once-a-year Offer. Get upto 50% Off this Black Friday on one-time purchases, that’s a savings of $500+.

Coupon code : Coupon code will be available on the launch date

Validity : 20th November to 30th November

Pictory is an AI-powered video creation platform that enables content marketers to create and edit professional-quality videos with ease. The platform uses artificial intelligence to automate the video production process, allowing users to generate videos from text scripts, blog posts, and long-form video content. It is designed to be fast, scalable, and affordable, with a focus on enhancing content engagement and SEO.

Highlight Features :

  • Script to Video conversion with AI voices, footage, and music.
  • Blog Post to Video transformation for improved SEO.
  • Long-Form Video to Social Media Clip extraction.
  • Automatic Captioning for better reach on social media.
  • Collaborative Teams Plan for shared asset and idea management.

Discount : 40%

Coupon code : BFCM40GB

Validity : 20th November to 30th November


VYPER lets you to create giveaways, contests, referral, and loyalty programs that will encourage people to engage with your brand. You can create stunning campaigns and landing pages that use gamification to generate leads and customers.

Highlight Features :

  • Host Online and Social Media Giveaways that drive traffic and leads to your brand

Discount : 50% Off VYPER this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Validity : 01 – 30 November 2023

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking: ideal for Digital Agencies and In-house SEOs. Trusted by 24,000+ global companies, it delivers accurate search rankings. Explore AWR and more with our resources.

Highlight Features :

  • Rank Tracking, SEO reporting, Competitor Analysis

Discount : pay for 10 months, get 4 free and 50% off applied monthly for the first 3 months

Validity : 24th November to 29th November


Weblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site. With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content.

Highlight Features :
While integrations with different payment systems and built-in CRM will help you bring your business online, a flexible editor will be an advantage for designers and marketers.

Discount : Black Friday deal: 30% off the annual Pro plan

Validity :21th November to 30th November


AdSpyder is a SAAS-based ad intelligence tool that provides analytical insights into your rival’s digital advertising strategy. It lets you monitor advertisements across multiple platforms with super-advanced features like the Google ad spy tool, offering unparalleled insights with demographics, CTAs, landing page analysis, URL/domain analysis, paid keyword analysis, and soon coming up with AI-integrated ad generation.

Discount : 75% OFF on annual plans

Coupon code : ADBF75

Validity :November 15 – December 15, 2023


Churn360 is the key to reducing customer churn and boosting Customer Lifetime Value for SMBs and Enterprise SaaS businesses. With unified data, predictive analytics, and automated plays, your customer success operations will thrive. Elevate your customer retention game with Churn360 now.

Highlight Features :
360 view of Customers – Get a Complete view of the customer in one click

Discount : Get upto 40% off on annual plans

Validity : November 6, 2023 – December 15, 2023


5centsCDN is a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider known for its affordable and efficient content delivery solutions. They ensure lightning-fast and reliable content distribution with the help of a global network of strategically positioned Points of Presence (PoPs). Whether you’re in E-commerce, Media & Entertainment, IT & Technology, Financial Services, SaaS, or Gaming, 5centsCDN has the perfect solution for you. This Black Friday, they have brought the best black friday deal for you.

Highlight Features :
Global Content Delivery, Customizable Plans, Affordable Pricing.

Discount :

  • Deal A: Get $300 Extra by adding $1000 to your wallet!
  • Deal B: Get $100 Extra by adding $500 to your wallet!

Validity : 14th to 30th November, 2023


Devrims is the perfect managed cloud hosting for PHP web apps. It does not matter if you have a busy blog on WordPress or a money-making ecommerce on WooCommerce or Magento. Devrims is here to manage all your cloud hosting needs.

Highlight Features :

  • Next-Gen Security
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • One-Click Deployment
  • Pre-Configured Services

Discount : Get 60% OFF for 5 MONTHS

Validity : 15-11-2023 – End Date: 30-11-2023


LambdaTest is a leading AI-augmented unified test orchestration and execution cloud that enables developers & testers to ship code faster.

Highlight Features :

  • Live Testing
  • Live Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • HyperExecute
  • HyperExecute
  • AI-Powered Test Analytics
  • Smart TV Testing

Discount : 30%

Coupon code : BFCM30

Validity : 15th November to 30th November


SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management tool that simplifies content creation, scheduling, and posting across all major platforms.

Highlight Features :
Save time with features like AI-generated captions and images, and get personalized strategies from Copilot, your AI social media manager. Organize content, collaborate with your team, track performance with analytics, and engage in real-time from a unified inbox.

Discount : 70% off for 3 months

Coupon code : SOCIALBEEBF23

Validity : 24th November to 27th November

Guideflow: Interactive demo platform

Create killer interactive demos with Guideflow.

Capture, edit, share & analyze interactive product demos in seconds. Share your demos with your prospects, customers & partners with a link to engage your leads, embed your guideflow on your landing page to skyrocket your conversion rate, or add an interactive guide to your help desk to reduce your churn. Show, don’t tell.

Highlight Features :
Create interactive demos & step-by-step guides in seconds with Guideflow, the interactive product demo platform.

Discount : 25%

Coupon code : BFF25

Validity : 17th November to 6nd December

DocuGenerate provides a flexible and scalable platform for generating high-quality PDF documents, whether it’s for creating contracts, agreements, invoices, proposals, letters, certificates or any other type of document.

By offering a simple and intuitive REST API, DocuGenerate allows developers to focus on creating their applications without worrying about the underlying document generation technology.

Highlight Features :

Siple REST API for PDF Generatation, Bulk Document Generation, Usage-Based Pricing

Discount : Get 50% OFF for the first 3 months for any new subscription

Coupon code : BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity : Nov 13th to Nov 30th, 2023

Influencer Hero

ALL-IN-ONE Influencer Marketing Platform helping brands to achieve 10X+ ROI. Leveraging big data, automation & AI to increase conversions, lower CAC, and collect high-quality UGC for brands worldwide. Influencer Hero is a leading Influencer Marketing platform trusted by 250+ Brands & 50+ Agencies.

Highlight Features :
ALL-IN-ONE Creator Management Platform

Discount : 55

Coupon code : Not applicable

Validity : Deal Start Date: 15/11/2023 Deal End Date: 30/11/2023


If you are managing a small business, Booknetic is the right solution for you. It has an extensive feature set and a proven track of great support. You just set it up and forget it ever existed.

This plugin accepts bookings, adds it to your calendar, creates waiting lists, sends automatic reminders to people, and even allows you to see how different branches are doing from its integrated dashboard.

Discount : 50% OFF for the lifetime and %30 OFF for all add-on

Coupon code : N/A

Validity : 20th November to 2nd December


Planly is an all-in-one social media management tool, thanks to which you can easily manage your social media profiles across 7 platforms: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Mastodon. It streamlines social media management with multi-platform scheduling, AI-generated captions, hashtag recommendations, optimal posting times, in-depth analytics, for digital portfolios, and seamless Unsplash, Dropbox, and Google Drive integrations.

Highlight Features :

  1. Auto-Post Across Major Platforms
  2. AI-Powered Captions
  3. Hashtag suggestion feature
  4. Optimal Posting Times
  5. Deep Dive Analytics
  6. Single Digital Portfolio with
  7. Seamless Integrations with Unsplash, Dropbox, and Google Drive

Discount : 50% OFF for the first month subscription and 30% OFF for annual subscription

Validity : November 20-30


Weblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site. With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content.

Highlight Features :

  • Flexible page editor with 250+ ready-made blocks
  • Round-a-clock support
  • High-speed and advanced SEO settings
  • Built-in CRM system
  • Contact forms for lead collection with popular integrations

Discount : 30% off the annual Pro plan

Validity : 21th November to 30th November

FS Poster

FS Poster is an automated social media scheduler based on WordPress. This plugin allows users to store the media files in their servers and schedule themz across 20+ social media platforms.

Highlight Features :

FS Poster Allows automated postings, hourly scheduling, analytics and supports over 20 social media platforms, allowing to customize posts for each of them.

Discount : 30%

Validity : 20th November to 3rd December

BoldDesk revolutionizes help desk ticketing system with its intuitive interface and efficient features. Streamlining ticket management ensures swift resolution times and delighted customers. With robust automation and insightful analytics, it empowers teams to deliver exceptional service, making it the go-to help desk software for modern businesses.

Discount : 50% off on all yearly plans

Coupon code : BLACKFRIDAY50

Validity : November 1 – December 5, 2023


StatusGator is a status monitoring software that gives your team a unified status page showing the status of all of your cloud vendors, hosted applications, services, websites, and more.

Highlight Features :

  1. Status Aggregation: It consolidates the status updates of all your vendors onto a single page, simplifying the monitoring process​
  2. Built-in Website and Cloud Monitoring: StatusGator’s status page includes built-in monitoring capabilities for both websites and cloud services, ensuring real-time updates and proactive management​
  3. Private Status Page: Teams can utilize a private status page to streamline internal communications and minimize the number of support tickets​
  4. Cloud and Website Monitoring: The platform allows for monitoring all cloud services from a single dashboard, and also includes uptime monitoring for websites, ensuring constant vigilance over online operations​
  5. Instant Notifications: StatusGator sends immediate alerts when services experience downtime, providing critical visibility and enabling rapid response to issues​
  6. Vendor Reliability Analysis: The platform offers features to analyze and understand vendor reliability, including data exports, weekly email summaries of outages, and tools for running reports and analyses. This information is invaluable for holding vendors accountable and for use in contract negotiations
  7. Incident Management Integration: StatusGator can be integrated with existing incident management tools through integrations or an API, allowing for automatic incident creation and proactive management of high-value services​

Discount : 20% discount on our monthly and annual Starter plans

Coupon code : BLACKFRIDAY2023

Validity : 2023-11-11 – 2023-12-12


TrackSSL provides a specialized monitoring service for SSL/TLS certificates, safeguarding against website downtime, business loss, and reputational damage by keeping businesses updated on certificate expiration, alterations, and security risks.

Highlight Features :

  1. SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring: TrackSSL monitors SSL/TLS certificates for expiration and changes, alerting you in time to prevent website downtime and business loss​
  2. SSL Expiry Notifications: The service provides notifications via email, Slack, SMS, and Teams as your SSL/TLS certificate approaches its expiration date, ensuring you’re never caught off guard​​
  3. Monitoring SSL Changes: TrackSSL keeps you updated on any changes to your SSL certificates, such as updates or renewals, by notifying you of these changes​
  4. SSL Certificate Transparency Alerts: This upcoming feature will instantly notify users when a new SSL certificate is issued for their domain, adding an extra layer of security against fraudulent certificates​​
  5. Wide Usage and Trust: TrackSSL is trusted worldwide by various businesses and agencies, monitoring over 23,000 certificates, indicating its reliability and efficiency​​
  6. Comprehensive Certificate Support: The tool supports all types of SSL/TLS certificates across various providers, operating systems, devices, and protocols, and even allows monitoring of internal, private, or non-public SSL certificates​

Discount : 20% discount on both monthly and annual Growth plans.

Coupon code : BLACKFRIDAY2023

Validity : 2023-11-11 – 2023-12-12


Fomo is e-commerce software providing live notifications of customer interactions to build trust and sales. It connects to apps to showcase recent purchases, social media engagement, email signups, responsive support, and more across your site.

Highlight Features :
Display social proof notifications and send push notifications to the audience to re-engage them.

Discount : For our annual offers, enjoy a 33% discount and an extended 30-day trial period, saving you four months on your subscription. You save $1996. Alternatively, for any of our monthly plans, you can receive a 16.67% discount on your subscription for the entire year. You save $998.

Validity : 1st Nov-30th Nov


Retainful is an all-encompassing email marketing automation platform, empowering Woocommerce and Shopify stores to boost sales through features like abandoned cart recovery, automated emails with dynamic coupons, and a flexible drag-and-drop editor.

Enhanced with real-time analytics, exit-intent popups, a robust referral program, broadcast and segmentation tools, Retainful delivers personalized, strategic communication to optimize customer engagement and increase revenue.

Highlight Features :

Retainful: email marketing automation platform for shopify and woocommerce stores

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Validity : 8 Nov 5 Dec 2023


DynaPictures is a cloud-based dynamic image generation solution, widely adopted by over 3,200 entities, that streamlines creating personalized images for diverse marketing needs, enhancing digital strategies with its user-friendly and integrative features.

Highlight Features :

  • Customizable Image Generation: DynaPictures allows each layer of an image to be customized using No-Code tools or APIs, providing flexibility and ease of use​
  • E-commerce Image Generation: DynaPictures facilitates the automatic generation of product images with details like prices and discounts, streamlining e-commerce marketing efforts​
  • Social Media Integration: It supports the creation of customized banners for social media platforms, enhancing visibility and engagement on crowded feeds​
  • Email Marketing Enhancement: The platform generates dynamic images for email campaigns, integrating with email marketing platforms to create personalized and dynamic visual content​
  • Certificate and Award Creation: DynaPictures offers a Certificate Maker feature to effortlessly create and customize certificates and awards in various languages​
  • API-first Platform for Developers: The platform prioritizes simplicity and reliability, allowing developers to auto-generate images using popular programming languages​
  • No-Code Tool Integration: It seamlessly integrates with popular No-Code tools like Zapier and Pabbly for easy image creation without coding​
  • Customizable Templates: Users can quickly react to market needs by creating custom banners using fully-customizable templates, capable of generating an infinite number of design variations​

Discount : Up to 30% discount on our Lite and Pro plans.


Validity : 2023-11-11 – 2023-12-31


LogicBalls is an AI-powered copywriting assistant with 150+ tools for content generation that simplifies the content creation process and enables users to effortlessly generate high-quality and engaging content for a variety of purposes.

Highlight Features :

  • Uses advanced GPT-3.5 AI for content generation​
  • Rich text editor​
  • Supports 50+ languages​
  • Provides 20+ tones of voice
  • Offers SSO for enterprise businesses​
  • Project and file sharing
  • Enable easy team management​
  • Comes with long-form blog generator

Discount : 45% OFF on all annual plans

Coupon code : BLACKFRIDAY45

Validity : November 01 – November 30, 2023


PromptLeo is a comprehensive and user-friendly prompt engineering platform, streamlining the use of Generative AI in organizational workflows to enhance teamwork and operational efficiency.
Highlight Features :

  1. Generative AI Integration: PromptLeo brings Generative AI into team workflows, allowing prompt engineers to easily create and manage prompts without relying on text files or manual copying and pasting​​
  2. Reusable Prompt Templates: The platform offers a Generative AI Playground where users can create new prompts, make changes, and track different versions effortlessly. It utilizes prompt templates with parameters, allowing for the creation of a prompt once and its reuse with different data​​
  3. Developer-Friendly API: With the Prompt API, PromptLeo eliminates the need for developer-only modifications, enabling prompt engineers to tune prompts in real-time and in parallel using a user-friendly interface
  4. Enterprise-Level Features: Designed for enterprise needs, PromptLeo offers an array of add-ons and features, including dedicated support, options for self-hosting or cloud deployment, individual contracts, NDAs, and guaranteed uptime​
  5. Prompt Management and Versioning: The platform supports efficient prompt management and versioning, ensuring a smooth transition from development to staging and production. It also allows for prompt logging and monitoring, performance tracking, and vendor independence with a built-in adapter layer​​
  6. Prompt Engineering Library: PromptLeo includes a library that aids in tracking prompt performance, analyzing user behavior, testing different prompts, creating user-tailored prompts, and managing prompts across multiple product sections​
  7. Prompt Forms for Client Engagement: The platform enables sharing of prompts with clients while keeping their contents undisclosed. It supports the generation of high-quality outputs from various AI services and allows monetization through the sale of prompts​​
  8. API for Prompt Management: Similar to using GitHub for source code, PromptLeo’s API allows for the creation of endpoints based on prompts, facilitating prompt version replacements and instant publishing of changes without app redeployment​
  9. AI Workflow Automation: It offers visual building blocks for creating custom AI workflows, going beyond prompt engineering to embed memory and other components, improving AI quality with intuitive, no-code tools​

Discount : Up to 45% discount on our Lite and Pro plans.


Validity : 2023-11-11 – 2023-12-31

Frequently Asked Questions :

Where Can I Find the Best Black Friday SaaS Deals?

It’s very simple to find the best deals for SaaS tools. You can look for the best deals on the SaaS platform on blogs like ours or subscribe to our newsletter.

Is Black Friday a Holiday?

Black Friday is not considered an official holiday in the United States, but California and some other states observe the day after Thanksgiving as a state holiday.

How Long Does Black Friday Last?

Every year, the major shopping holiday falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and this year it’s on Friday, November 24, 2023—the fourth Friday in November. Generally, every year, most Black Friday sales start after Thanksgiving Day and extend throughout the Black Friday weekend until Cyber Monday.

Why Is Black Friday Important for Retailers?

Retailers prepare the entire year for the Black Friday sales, as they get the opportunity to clear their inventory by offering offers and discounts. Retailers can also tap into the pool of new customers by offering attractive discounts.

How Can You Save on SaaS Deals During Black Friday?

To make the most out of your SaaS deals, you can subscribe to offers that are a year long or stretch throughout multiple months. Another way is to opt for their monthly newsletter subscription or follow businesses on social media.

Can You Really Save from the Deals on Black Friday?

To get the most out of the Black Friday deals, you should compare the prices and deals offered by the different entrepreneurs to get the best deals. Another important factor that affects your savings is that with more businesses moving to subscription businesses, you will have more opportunities to save.

What Is SaaS Sales?

The process of selling software that is delivered as a service online is called SaaS sales. SaaS sales are generally subscription-based; therefore, it is important to have a strong understanding of the various pricing models and how to best sell to customers in order to get the most of the deals.

If you are offering SaaS deals, then it’s essential that you have a good understanding of your target market and the ideal customer profile. Having a better understanding of your target audiences will help you create sales and marketing material optimally.

A strong understanding of the different types of pricing models will help you with the pricing of discounts and offers that would give you a better return.

What Is the SaaS Sales Process?

The SaaS sales process consists of the following steps that help you create demand for your product: This is done with the help of the following steps:

  • Lead generation: Methods such as online ads, PR, and content marketing can be used to generate leads as these methods increase awareness of your software.
  • Outbound prospecting: Once you have a list of leads that are interested in your product, you can then start to engage with them via phone calls, email, or social media.
  • Sales qualification: Identify your ideal customer and approach them via marketing materials that address their budget, authority, needs, and more.
  • Sales Demonstrations: To make it easier for the customer to understand your product, you can give them the option to opt for a free demo.
  • Closing: Handle the objections and bring your prospects to the point of becoming paying customers.
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