Resistance to change can make your work slow and sometimes act as an obstacle to the growth of an organization.

When you are looking for an email service provider to optimize your email outreach campaign it can be quite a daunting task as the adoption of the new software is not easy for any organization.

But don’t worry we are here to help you with the selection of the perfect email service provider that fits your needs to get the most out of your cold email outreach campaigns. Before we dive into the subject let me define what exactly is an email service provider.

What is an email service provider?

An email service provider (ESP) is a service that will help you send and receive emails plus run email outreach campaigns. Users can create and cold email outreach campaigns to a list of subscribers using an email service provider (ESP).

Email service providers help users to create email campaigns and send emails more easily and efficiently. More email service providers have emerged to offer unique services as email marketing has grown in popularity as an effective marketing channel.

Now, this might give you a fair idea about what an email service provider is. I know you might be curious about knowing what features you should be looking for in an email service provider.

How to Choose an Email Service Provider?

Here are the seven simple steps that will help you choose an email service provider for your marketing outreach.

Step 1 : Analyze and compare service providers

One of the initial factors that you should consider while choosing the perfect email service provider is the services and features your company requires.

Finding an email service provider that matches your needs can save you money by reducing the cost of the services. Start with defining your requirement first then look for the email service provider who can fulfill your needs.

Make sure to conduct some direct comparisons once you have a firm knowledge of your marketing requirements and have started looking at email service providers who provide those solutions.

This has already been done for you by many suppliers, who have direct comparisons to other similar competitors on their websites. This is quite beneficial because an understandable visual guide can provide a great deal of clarity

Some question that can guide you to select the right email service provider for your organization :

  • What capabilities must you be able to access?
  • Which features would be beneficial to have and who provides them?
  • How do these companies stack up against one another?

We are now prepared to proceed to the second step.

Step 2 : Focus on the user interface

The user interface is crucial for the marketers and sales reps as they are the end users who are going to use the software. An easy to navigate interface makes it easy for the end users to navigate through the software easily. A complex software results in the lengthy training time or inefficient use of the tool.

It’s wise to choose the software that closely resembles the current software that you are using currently. If not then just look for the user friendly user interface.

Step 3 : Compare pricing

Now that you know what are your requirements for the software it’s time for you to decide the pricing of the software that fits your budget and need. There are various software that offer different prices for the service that they provide.

So, compare the pricing of the different software packages and see the value that they can provide (i.e) best cost-to-utility ratio that the software offers.

Step 4 : Keep data security in your mind

In addition to being required by law, security is crucial since consumer trust is a key metric for your company. selecting an ESP (Email Service Provider) that prioritizes compliance and security. Safeguarding your data is important as it might impact your company’s reputation.

Data security is considered as a passive factor but it is one of the crucial factors as well therefore take into account data security.

Step 5 : Look for the customer reviews

To learn more about how a supplier benefited their operations, read reviews from other businesses and companies. Reviews from companies in your industry are especially useful to look at.

Step 6 : Customer Support

You might wonder why having a positive relationship with your provider is important.

There will always be problems; this is a given fact. When you need support, having a strong customer profile is far more likely to get you a better, more devoted support line with the bonus of helping you avoid any potential problems from not adhering to the ToS in the future.

Step 7 : Know the privacy policy

Data is crucial.
Although this is closely related to security, it’s crucial to understand how the company you select will manage your data in particular. Read the privacy and data policy with care and make sure the privacy policy is in line with your expectation from the email service provider that you choose.

Conclusion :

So, now that you have a fair understanding of how to choose an email service provider that fits your needs,

I would suggest you to use a software that helps you with your email campaign success and optimizes your sales engagement in general.

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