Looking to improve your email response rates through better email subject lines? Here are the 21 Best Email Subject Lines for sales that will definitely get you a response for your sales. Email marketing is an effective marketing channel if you are trying to include it in your multi-channel marketing stack to promote your brand, products, or services. But landing in your prospect’s inbox and having an effective email subject line for sales that gets responses is the most difficult part of it.

People make a tone of assumptions about sending the right content in the email, using subject lines, running A/B tests, and so on. Let’s try to find out what kind of subject lines work best and give you better results for your cold outreach campaigns.

What Makes a Good Email Subject Line?

We must first understand what makes a good subject line before we discuss the best email subject lines for sales. The most effective subject lines for sales emails are:


For the majority of email providers, the subject line length is 60 characters. To ensure that your subject line will be displayed completely on desktop and mobile devices, you should aim for between 40 and 50 characters (4 to 7 words).

Additionally, it will be easier to read and understand a brief subject line.


The prospect will understand that there is a real person behind the email and that they are not the target of a mass spam campaign if the subject line is personalized.

They’ll be grateful that you invested the time and effort to find out who they are and what they truly require rather than merely sending out messages to thousands of people who are similar to them randomly.

They’ll be more inclined to open and respond to your email as a result.


Prospects are more likely to open your email right away rather than save it for later if your subject line creates a sense of urgency.

This strategy can be particularly useful for follow-up emails sent after the prospect hasn’t responded.

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Why Is It So Important to Get Email Subject Lines Right?

When making a cold call, your topic line serves as your opening line. To put it simply, they calculate your email open rate: 47% of recipients base their decision to open an email solely on the subject line.

You can’t sell your prospects on the contents of your emails if they don’t open them.

But if your subject lines strike a chord with readers, you’ll get a foot in the door and an opportunity to persuade them to buy from you. The problem is that writing effective subject lines is notoriously difficult.

The average professional receives about 100 emails every day. From urgent customer requests and team notices to newsletter updates and password resets, everything is flooding their inbox.

Your email is unlikely to be opened unless it is a priority because there is so much to sort through.

Because of this, it might be challenging to grab your prospect’s attention with a subject line that piques their interest enough to continue reading. It should come as no surprise that the average email open rate across all industries is only 21%.

Before You Get Started

Consider the following first if you want to make your subject line truly effective:

To whom are you marketing? Consider who you are attempting to market to, what matters to them, and what drives them. Verify the potential customer’s website or LinkedIn page (if they have one). When creating your subject line, consider using this information.

What kind of value do you provide? What problems does your product or service solve, in other words? Instead of emphasizing the product or service itself, your subject line should highlight the value the prospect will receive from it.

Do you share a connection with the potential client? See whether you and the potential client have any ties in common. Perhaps you are friends on Facebook or LinkedIn or belong to the same group. If you discover a link between two prospects, include it in the subject line to attract their attention and boost the likelihood that they’ll read your email.

21 Best Sales & Marketing Email Subject Lines

Below is the list of some of the best subject line for your emails that you can use for your sales and marketing efforts :

1. How Do You Approach the [Problem]?

Every professional encounters challenges, and they each try a variety of approaches to address them. A subject line that addresses the problems makes the receiver feel sympathetic and encourages conversation. These interactions result in a win-win situation for both sender and recipient because of the benefits of sharing ideas.

2. I Have a Suggestion for [Subject Your Recipient Cares About]

This subject line is nearly identical to the one before; however, in this case, the sender proactively offers the receiver a solution. Anyone will be grateful if you can assist them with new lead creation techniques or outreach strategies. The high open rates and improved results of these sales subject lines have been tested.

3. A Mutual Relation Suggested That I Contact You

Making sales, establishing relationships, and being social are timeless trends. We all enjoy socialising, making new friends, and exchanging ideas. In order to increase sales, one must generate referrals.

Include the receiver in the subject line if you have ever recommended them or have a connection with them. This increases the recipient’s level of trust, and as a result, you get fantastic outcomes.

4. Brief Question Regarding [Recipient’s Goal]

This is one of the best when it comes to eye-catching email subject lines for sales. Although not everyone likes to share their remedies, they are always curious to learn about the issues. These subject lines grab their interest and have a high open rate, leading them to want to know the sender’s location.

5. [Name] Do You Have a Moment?

Straightforward and brief. One of the better examples of an email subject line for a meeting request is this one. It may be utilised to nurture your prospects as well as reach out to them. John, when do you say, Hey, have a moment? John is curious about the one second you asked because of this. As a result, he opens the email.

6. [Name], I Learned About Your Most Recent Success at [Event Name]

Everyone enjoys it when others compliment them. So, it’s okay to act cheesy occasionally. You might commend your recipient on recent successes or make a kind comment about their recent endeavors. It has consistently been shown that this subject line has a high open and response rate.

7. X Growth Hacks for [Product of Recipient]

One of the most important things that every business professional looks for are hacks and recommendations. You can use this custom subject line with confidence if you are skillfully giving your prospects helpful suggestions along with your sales email.

8. A Special Present From [Company Name] for You

We all enjoy receiving gifts, so I assume you do too. Your mood will be lifted by receiving gifts, so using these terms in your subject lines will help. Additionally, you will obtain a high response rate if you include little discounts or freebies in your emails. At the very least, be prepared for your recipient to thank you.

9. We Share [A Mutual Interest]

Long-lasting partnerships bond you together through a shared passion. Everyone enjoys interacting with those who share their interests, hanging out with them, and cooperating on projects. The same thing takes place in professional relationships as well. The receiver is therefore more likely to pay attention to your email anytime you include information about a shared interest in the subject line.

10. Xx Suggestions to Address Your [The Recipient’s] Issues

As stated in point 7, tips and techniques encourage your audience to learn more about the tactics they can use. Since it offers a solution to his difficulties, this kind of sales email subject line will pique the recipient’s interest. Additionally, putting a specific number before the suggestions makes people read your email and focus more on the quantity.

12. [Name], Could You Please Lead the Way?

Once more, use diplomacy to engage with your prospects. When you are beginning a cold email and the prospect is unfamiliar with you, this technique is great. This subject line will give your prospect a slight sense of superiority, and in return for your thanks, they will react to you with some advice.

13. My Partner and I Belong to [Social Group] | Can We Get Along?

One of the easiest ways to strike up a discussion with a potential customer is to do this. These emails were sent to us directly, so we investigated them further. This kind of customised subject line typically forges close bonds with your prospects and greatly enhances the effectiveness of your email campaign.

14. I Too Am Experiencing [Common Problem]

Your emails change from being a regular method of communication into a one-on-one discussion platform when you and your prospect describe a shared problem. Your response rate rises as a result of your spotlighting the widespread issue and your sharing of solutions, advantages, and disadvantages. This sales subject line turns into a potent instrument for you to close deals and establish confidence in such circumstances.

15. Hello Name We Had a Brief Conversation at [Event Name]

Sometimes you attend a social gathering where you meet a lot of potential clients from your target market, engage in a variety of conversations, and make plans to do so in the future. This topic line serves as a reminder of those circumstances so that you can revisit them and complete your transactions.

16.I Have Some Frank Remarks for [Product of Recipient]

We are always interested in hearing opinions on SendBuzz. This is how we can get better as people. To reap the rewards, utilise this item in the subject lines of sales emails. Each person reads the email that contains reviews of them. Including this subject line will almost certainly increase the response rate.

17. Can I Assist You in [Achieving a Particular Goal]?

This topic line is more suited for sales. Instead of distributing the advantages in this situation, we inquire if they require our assistance. This will help you regardless of whether your brand is well-known or not. However, in order to use this sales subject line more effectively, you must be aware of the issues and difficulties your prospect is dealing with and be prepared to offer a fantastic solution.

18. Examine How [Name of Competitor] Attained [Competitor’s Goal]

One of the essential components of competitor analysis is alternative insight. You will undoubtedly receive a prompt response from your prospect if you demonstrate that you are aware of the strategies used by their competitors to surpass them. When it comes to sales outreach, a well-written email with this subject line has consistently produced outstanding results. If you give your prospects the strategies of your competitors, you will always have an advantage. This immediately establishes a win-win situation.

19. I Tried to Call You at [Phone Number] Just Now

Phone numbers are more private and are only accessible with certain connections. Therefore, you can call them with this subject line if you know their phone number. Additionally, the receiver looks at your email since they assume you must be a close friend when you use this subject line.

20. How Effective Is Your [The Prospect’s Present Method]?

Use the email subject line mentioned above to your advantage if you have an idea or a strategy that can help your prospect. This topic line is frequently used by salespeople to offer better options before making their product pitch and closing the sale.

21. Would You Kindly Take a Moment to Leave a Review of Our [Product or Service]?

Again, asking for a review is a passive strategy that gives the impression that the review is an expert opinion of your prospect. Due to the requirement that they use your product or service in order to give a review, this strategy has a higher possibility of turning your prospect into a paying customer.

How to Write Best Cold Email Subject Lines That Get Opens?

  • Select your favorites – Select a few catchy subject lines you think would work sufficiently for your campaigns.
  • Be innovative – No need to use the given subject lines directly. Be innovative and put your own spin on them while using the samples as a guideline.
  • Best practices should be kept in mind – Make sure to keep best practices in mind when testing with subject lines: keep it short, personalized, and urgent.
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For any professional using email as a means of business communication, the ability to create the ideal email subject lines for sales is crucial. It assists you in establishing strong professional connections with leads, cultivating those connections, and completing sales.

To reach out to your prospects, nurture them by sending targeted email campaigns and multi-stage auto-follow-ups, quickly track the email open rate, and analyze campaign performance data from a single dashboard, it is advised to use an email automation solution like SendBuzz.