Are you looking for additional features in your LinkedIn automation tool or just exploring more options to generate more leads? Then read on to know more about these Expandi alternatives.

The wide variety of LinkedIn automation software at your fingertips makes LinkedIn prospecting simpler than ever. But not all can provide the best solutions to your sales and marketing requirements. As a user, it is essential to consider certain points such as features, pricing, customer support user interface, and compliance with the terms and conditions of LinkedIn. Let’s take a deep dive to find out the best alternative to Expandi in 2023.

What is LinkedIn outreach?

LinkedIn outreach means proactively developing professional relationships for the growth and development of the business. This can include engagement with targeted individuals to form connections, initiate discussions, and explore probable collaborations.

What is LinkedIn automation?

On LinkedIn, you can make use of tools and software for the automation of certain activities and tasks. These can optimize important activities such as viewing profiles, sending connection requests, generating leads, networking, messaging, and sharing content. It saves time while leveraging the LinkedIn network. You can simply connect your LinkedIn account with a LinkedIn automation software for LinkedIn sales.

There are several tools available in the market that supports LinkedIn post scheduling feature. You can send LinkedIn messages and connection requests without triggering the LinkedIn algorithms. Many LinkedIn automation tools allow you to integrate CRM system directly with your LinkedIn prospecting. Whatever your LinkedIn account type is, you can use live chat, send multiple requests per account, find and verify your prospects’ details, and use LinkedIn CRM integration with LinkedIn tools.

Why do you need it?

With automation, businesses can easily interact with individuals and other companies. It facilitates lead generation and engagement with a wide community. LinkedIn is a platform where social selling can lead to amazing results.

Even if you do not have LinkedIn premium account, you can get your LinkedIn automated with safe to use tools.

Why alternatives to Expandi?

  1. Limited features
  2. Expensive pricing plans
  3. No analytics and segmentation features available
  4. Limited integration capabilities with other tools
  5. Faced technical issues and glitches

Alternatives to Expandi

Here is the list of best Expandi alternative tools for LinkedIn to run outreach campaigns.

1) LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn outreach Automation tool that you can use to create outreach campaigns, generate leads, and integrate with most CRMs with native Integration with Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce, with more in the pipeline. Also, make use of Zapier to integrate with Greenhouse,, Insightly, and many more CRMs easily.

Core Features:

Dedicated Exclusive local IP

Have a dedicated local IP address that no one else would be using. You can bypass the LinkedIn limits and generate leads from LinkedIn by putting your profile on autopilot.

Safest Automation Tool

Be assured of the safety of your data. No need to worry about hackers and other malicious entities. The only Automation tool trusted by 45,000 + users from 87 countries.

Unlimited Concurrent Sequences Supporting all Time zones

You can send requests on LinkedIn and run prospecting campaigns for various time zones. You can automate your LinkedIn connection requests and run LinkedIn marketing campaigns as per your prospect’s time zone.

Smart Inbox with Customized Scheduled Follow-ups

Respond quickly right from the LinkedFusion tool. It has a smart inbox function that lets you send messages to your LinkedIn leads later.

Constant CRM Integrations

Keep track of the entire lead generation process from the beginning. Manage all your leads in one place by storing all your lead metadata and synchronizing conversations.

Custom Target Audience

Identify and connect with your potential clients easily. LinkedIn outreach tools like LinkedFusion also lets you manage your connection requests per week to make it much easier to fight with LinkedIn restrictions.

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2) LeadConnect

LeadConnect lets you make the most out of LinkedIn by automating your lead generation activities. Reach out to businesses and people through the LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform by installing their Chrome Extension. Set Automated Personalized Invitations and Follow Ups till you receive a reply from your LinkedIn prospecting.

Core Features:

Follow-up automation

Automatically send follow-ups after a certain number of days have gone by without receiving any response. Set the number of times you want up to 10 times

Reply detection

Once a response has been received, automatically stop sending follow-ups

Follow-up messages personalization

Grow your business by keeping in touch with any number of potential clients through personalized automatic follow-up messages.

Teamwork Security

Maintain and update Blacklist to prevent confusion and extra efforts

Response and Acceptance tracking

Keep track of the responses and acceptance received to measure team performance and take the right actions at the right time.

You can avail services for free forever but with much lesser features.

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3) Zopto

Zopto is the 1st marketing automation software that uses AI to help you grow your business using omnichannel sales outreach.

As per customer feedback, it has been seen that Zopto lacks several features and is an expensive solution. It has a limit on the number of emails, InMails, profile invites, bulk invites, and event or group messages you can send.

Core Features:

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Tap into the benefits of both, LinkedIn & email to optimize outreach.

Secure Prospecting

As a part of the larger community on LinkedIn, we work hard to maintain its integrity and ensure that your campaigns and data remain safe and secure.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time and comprehensive resorts across your campaigns and channels to track your performance, analyze the data, and keep working on improving yourself.

Pricing : (Per Month)


4) We-Connect

We-Connect provides a new approach to lead generation by automating your outreach strategy on LinkedIn.

The problems that many users have reported are software issues and limited features. The tool is often reported to be unstable. Customers have experienced glitches which raises concerns about its reliability. Another point of frustration is that users have experienced difficulties in A/B testing capabilities for messaging and the inability to run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Core Features:

Multiple Campaigns Options

Choose from among 9 different Campaigns Options to select the one best suited to your business requirements.

Intuitive Smart Sequences

Get all your activities such as visiting profiles, liking posts, sending invites to connect, and following up on the connections, everything under a single campaign.

Enhanced Safety

Keep your data safe.

Pricing :


Get 2 months free when billed annually

5) Cleverly

Cleverly sends personalized messages to your prospective clients by analysing data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns. Start receiving positive responses directly to your inbox.

However, it focuses only on sending automated messages on LinkedIn and not on email marketing.  Clients have also reported low dialogue conversion and CR acceptance rates.

Core Features:

Generate multiple leads

Find the hidden sales opportunities and receive many leads once your campaign gets started to expand your business exponentially.

Become an expert

Not just a lead generation tool, learn more about our best practices on generating leads

Support from U.S. based dedicated Account Managers

Avail weekly reporting, monthly strategy calls, and ongoing campaign improvements to achieve success.

Pricing : (Per Month)

For LinkedIn lead generation:


6) LinkedHelper

LinkedHelper is a LinkedIn outreach tool for lead generation that enables you to be smart with your outreach on LinkedIn. Make the most of the opportunity by engaging with B2B prospects and converting them into loyal clients.

Core Features:

Scrape and export

Get all data such as phone numbers and email ids from individual and business profiles or message history, including emails and phones, scrape message history from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator inbox

Build funnels with chains of messages

Create as many chains of automated messages as you need to and handle each step of the funnel as you like. It can be anything such as messaging for the first time, visiting profiles, or sending invites.

Extension for LinkedIn outreach

Since it is a local application, it can be cumbersome to download and install it. Also, it has drawbacks such as having to leave it open on the computer for as long as it needs time

Personalized message to 1st connections

Send automated personalized messages to your 1st connections with attached custom images.

Go over LinkedIn weekly invitations limit

Send invites to 100 people every day instead of being limited by the weekly invitation limit of 100 requests.

Hyper personalization

Create flexible templates using the vast range of standard and custom variables along with attaching personalized images.

Integration with 3rd party CRMs

Integrate your LinkedIn profile with your favourite CRM such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others as well as solutions like Zapier, Integromat,, etc.

Automate almost everything

Automate inviting people using messages, InMail, or email, messaging event attendees and group members, visiting and following profiles, and sending invites to groups and events.

Multi-source targeting

Find your leads from multiple sources such as LinkedIn group members, School alumni pages, profile visitors pending invitations, and members who liked or commented on your posts.

Advanced limits and working hours

Put limits on your daily tasks. Set up custom delays between activities such as between page clicks.

Bulk messaging

Interact with all the members of your LinkedIn groups. Automated tools enable us to maintain regular interactions and increase their involvement.

Pricing : (Per Month)

1 month$15.00$45.00
3 months$13.33$40.00
3 months$10.00$30.00
12 months$8.25$24.75

You can avail services for free forever but with much lesser features.

7) Meet Alfred

Achieve your sales goals with Meet Alfred, the Cloud-Based LinkedIn outreach Automation tool with CRM for B2B Sales, that enables you to send personalized follow-up messages to your prospects.

However, it seems to be difficult to set up and run for non-technical users.  Also, it doesn’t offer much in terms of customization.

Core Features:

Generate leads across multiple channels

Build a multi-channel sales pipeline and interact with your prospects on the channel they prefer.

Send personalized messages

Sending personalized messages to send the customers can get them more involved and thus more likely to respond and give business.

Make business networking easy

Manage, organize, and categorize your contacts and focus on growing your network and developing long-term relationships with your leads

Improve your team’s efficiency and productivity

Structure and manage your team by onboarding several team members easily, designate their roles and responsibilities, and check their campaign performance.

Focus on your core business

Make the most of your limited time by focusing on the important tasks rather than the repetitive taste that can be automated.

While it has several advanced features, it can be tricky for new and non-technical users to understand and create advanced automated sequences.

Pricing : (Per Month)


8) ProspectIn

ProspectIn is a LinkedIn Outreach Tool that enables you to generate new qualified leads, grow your business, and boost your visibility.

Core Features:


Manage interesting leads. Create and customize your automated sequences which will ensure your prospects provide responses.


Automate as many sequences as you want to get the response you want from your leads. Develop automated sequences even for ultra-customized and advanced tasks. Choose from more than 2000 tools.

Import profiles and extract emails

Get your contacts from LinkedIn and other sources to build your database and enhance CRM using proven information.

Pricing : (Per User Per Month)


You can avail services for free forever but with much lesser features.

9) Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn outreach extension tool to help boost your sales pipeline and exponentially grow your business. 

Core Features:

Find your target audience

Search for your target audience without compromising on data security.

Connect and engage

Build engagement with your prospects through personalized and automated messages with custom time delays. Send invites to connect with your target audience, view and follow profiles, send messages and InMails to develop engagement and connect with loads

Generate and manage leads

With easy integrations, update CRM with new leads, and follow up on the earlier messages sent. Build a pipeline with centralized prospect management, multi-channel strategies, and team prospecting. Use all the necessary insights to optimize lead generation strategy on LinkedIn.


 Pro DuxTurbo Dux
Individual (Per Month)  
Team (Per Month Per Seat)  
Agency (Per Month)from $337.50from $412.50


There are plenty of options available for LinkedIn Automation today. But before spending money, it is always best to look at all the factors in order to make the right decisions. With the right tool, you can take your business to the next level and see exponential growth. However, the wrong selection can result in unfavorable consequences.

You can start to generate leads by integrating LinkedIn with a compatible alternative. Various LinkedIn lead generation tools offer a 7-day free trial, and you can finetune your LinkedIn search for the best outcomes. Most tools allow new users to first take a trail. Make the most of it to see which one works the best for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking website. For employers. It is a great platform to search for the right talent. Another purpose for business owners is to find a target audience, engage with them and grow the business.

Is LinkedIn automation safe?

LinkedIn automation helps save time that would be otherwise spent on repetitive tasks. Before using such automation services, it is best to know that LinkedIn doesn’t permit the use of any third-party software. In order to prevent your account to get suspended or banned, you should go for reputable automation tools. To prevent any problems, you should have the authority to monitor and make changes to the tool settings

Should I go for cloud-based LinkedIn automation?

Cloud-based automation tools will keep running in the cloud even when you shut down your computer and go offline. However, before selecting any automation tool, it is best to do proper research and be aware of LinkedIn’s policy before committing to any particular tool.