Want to know the best time to send marketing emails in 2023? Check out our complete guide for tips & tricks on timing your email campaigns. A compelling marketing email can grow your client base and help you generate sales. According to a market study, 91% consumers check their emails often, so pitching them through emails can be a brilliant marketing strategy.

However, writing a worthy marketing email might not bring you the best result; you must know the best time to send marketing emails.

A survey of HubSpot released the data, which says that 47.9% of B2B marketing emails are opened between 9 a.m and 12 p.m. On the other hand, 30.9% of B2C consumers open their emails at that time slot. It makes one thing very clear that sending the emails in a generic time slot is a big NO.

Keeping your dilemma in mind, we can assure you that this article will be a one-stop solution to understanding the best time to send marketing emails.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article.

When is the best time to send a marketing email?

Before sending a marketing email to your prospect, you must have a rough idea of your target audience. Every industry has a different target audience; depending on their routine, the time also differs.

For example, if you target a young professional group to sell some courses, the perfect time will be the daytime, but the timing must be changed for homemakers. Most of them open their emails in the evening.

So, it seems clear that you must sketch out the target audience’s daily life, but this might confuse you. Without accurate data, this seems pretty void. Check out the following sections to find more data.

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best time to send marketing emails during the week

When is the best times to send a marketing email during a week?

You can check out the findings from different organizations to understand when is the best time to send a marketing email during a week.

Statistics from GetResponses

In 2019, GetResponse observed the pattern of marketing email opening pattern. They released the data after analyzing the responses from entrepreneurs, online marketers, and medium to small brands. They found –

  1. 18% of emails were sent on weekends, whereas 17% of email campaigns were on Tuesdays only.
  2. The click-through-open rate is high only on Tuesday, making the day famous as the best time to send a marketing email.
  3. The study observed that weekends are the worst marketing email time.

Statistics from the Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor studied over 30 million emails from 171 countries in 2019. They collected data from their clients, mainly small to medium companies. Let us discuss what they found –

  1. Like Great responses, Campaign Monitor found Tuesday the best time to send a marketing email. Additionally, Campaign Monitor also found that people unsubscribe on that day too.
  2. They also break down the week according to the industry- Tuesday is the best for advertising, travel, marketing, and leisure. At the same time, food, beverages, and the healthcare industry responded on Wednesday. Sundays are best for the education industry.

Statistics from HubSpot

HubSpot also studied the data from 20 million emails over 10 months, and their findings are-

  1. According to them, Tuesday is the best day to send a marketing email to the audience.
  2. HubSpot also finds no significant difference in open rates on Tuesday, Monday and Wednesday.

Statistics from Klaviyo

Through 22,000 email campaigns, Klaviyo found some crucial data.

  1. The open rates are generally higher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. Thursday generates more revenue through the available rate is low on that day.

Using all the data, it’s evident that Tuesday is the best time to send a marketing email in a week. Also, Thursday is the best day to generate revenue. Some industries use different days for sending a marketing email. So, it will be great if you apply the data for understanding and apply them accordingly.

When is the best time to send marketing emails during the day?

Data from Omnisend

From the above section, you must know the best time to send a marketing email during a week, but you also need to consider the time of the day. I hope the following information will help you to have a clear understanding.

Analyzing 2 billion emails is enough to study some facts, and Omnisend has been able to find the data like –

  1. The emails that were sent at 8am; have a 20.32% open rate which is considered higher. This time is also optimum for a higher click rate of 7.79%.On the contrary, 10am emails are not effective for revenue.
  2. 1pm emails incline towards the average open rate, and the 4pm emails are significant for their order rates. The emails sent afterward, especially at 5 p.m, have high click-through rates.

Data from Sendinblue

The observation that Sendinblue has found is quite logical and based on the audience’s psychology. Check out their findings –

  1. According to them, the best time to send a marketing email in a day is 10 a.m and 3-4 p.m.
  2. They have also found that evening is an excellent time to read emails while people finish work and commute home.
  3. The findings also indicate that the time based on the industry, like 8a.m -10 a.m, is suitable for B2B services, 2-3 p.m is great for Saas, and marketing companies need to check out 4 p.m for the best result.

Data from HubSpot

We have already discussed the best time to send a marketing email during a week; HubSpot also shares the data for the best time of the day.

  1. HubSpot says 11 a.m is the best time to send a marketing email in a day.
  2. The Sunday timing for the open email is different, and it sticks to 9am.

Data from Intercom

Intercom analyzed data based on the B2B audience, and they found-

  1. The best time in the day is 10am to 11am to send a marketing email.
  2. Most people check emails mainly in the morning, so it is the best time to send mail.

All that data is pretty promising for selecting a proper time to send marketing emails. The morning time is the best, especially between 8am and 11am However, in-app emails can be sent anytime during the day.

Find The Best Time To Send A Marketing Email

How to find the best time to send a marketing email?

You might have the idea of the best time to send a marketing email, but to make it more specific, you need to do some homework. You need to study your audience. Also, there are no hard and fast rules, so experiments are always welcome.

  • Know your audience – Knowing the audience is necessary to get more clients and generate sales. So you can check your audience by their profession, daily life, and what type of content they consume.
  • Do some Experiments – You can experiment with your content strategy and topics. You can also run an A/B test for your content and subject lines to find the best thing that works for your brand.

We hope this article is helpful enough to decide the best time to send a marketing email to your audience. If you are still in confusion, our team at SendBuzz can help you out. You can contact them through mail at hello@sendbuzz.io

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to send a marketing email in 2022?

As per the survey reports, it is between 8 a.m and 11 a.m.

What are the best days in a week to send a marketing email?

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the best days to send a marketing email.

Does it matter what time you send a marketing email?

The time of your marketing emails matters a lot. It depends mostly on your target audience’s lifestyle.