In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication is the key to success. Email remains a crucial tool for professionals, and staying on top of your outgoing messages is essential. HubSpot Sales Gmail plugin has revolutionized how we manage emails, providing a seamless way to track sent emails and optimize communication. 

HubSpot’s Sales Plugin is a game changer for anyone looking to enhance their email management experience. One of its standout features is the ability to effortlessly track outgoing emails. This functionality goes beyond the basic read recipient; it provides valuable insights into recipient engagement, allowing users to gauge the effectiveness of their communication.

How to Track Email Sends with HubSpot Sales Plugin:

1. Install the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension:

  • Start by installing the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Log into Your HubSpot Account:

  • Ensure you are logged into your HubSpot account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create an account.

3. Connect Your Email Account:

  • After installing the extension, you’ll need to connect your email account to HubSpot. This allows the extension to track your email sends and opens.
  • Go to your Gmail or Outlook inbox and follow the prompts to connect your email account.

4. Compose and Send Tracked Emails:

  • Once your email account is connected, you can compose emails as usual.
  • In the email composition window, you should see an option to “Track” or “Log in HubSpot.” Enable this feature to track the email.

5. View Email Tracking Metrics:

  • After sending an email, you can view tracking metrics within HubSpot. This typically includes information such as whether the email was opened, how many times it was opened, and when it was opened.

6. Accessing Email Tracking in HubSpot:

  • Log into your HubSpot account and navigate to the Sales Hub.
  • Find the “Activity Feed” or “Email” section to view a list of your sent emails and their tracking information.

7. Customize Email Tracking Settings:

  • HubSpot may provide options to customize your email tracking settings. This could include adjusting notification preferences for email opens or clicks.

8. Follow Up Based on Tracking Data:

  • Use the tracking data to follow up with leads or contacts. For example, if someone opened your email, it might be a good time to reach out and continue the conversation.

The HubSpot Sales Plugin improves your email game in the following ways:

1. Real-Time Email Tracking:

Stop updating until your vision becomes blurry. See exactly when, where, and on what device your emails are opened, even if the recipient clicks a single pixel! With this instant feedback loop, we can prioritize follow-up actions and assess interest.

2. Detailed Engagement Insight: 

Go Beyond opens. Track clicks on links, downloads of attachments, and even page views within your emails. This level of detail gradually helps you to understand how email recipients interact with your message and enables you to customize your content.

3. Improving Strategies for Follow-Up 

Link clicks can also be tracked by the HubSpot sales Chrome extension, giving us information about how the recipient interacts with proposals, documents, and other important content that is attached. This feature proves invaluable when determining interest in particular subjects or goods. With this data at hand, users can create follow-up emails that are more specific to the recipient and increase the chance of a positive response. 

Streamlining Workflow for increased Productivity

In addition to tracking, HubSpot’s Gmail plugin easily fits into the user’s current workflow. The plugin’s user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy access to essential features without leaving the Gmail platform. In addition to saving time, this integration guarantees that professionals can concentrate on what matters: creating deep connections and achieving business objectives.

Maintaining Confidentiality and Compliance with Rules

HubSpot’s Gmail Plugin prioritizes user’s privacy and compliance. It provides options for customizing tracking settings, allowing users to align their email tracking practices with industry regulations and best practices. Because of this dedication to privacy, professionals can take advantage of email tracking without sacrificing ethical standards.

With the HubSpot Sales plugin, your inbox transforms from a black hole of uncertainty into a data-driven command center. You gain valuable intelligence about your outreach efforts, allowing you to:

  • Personalize your communication: Tailor your tone and content based on individual interests and engagement levels.
  • Optimize your email sequences: Analyze clicks and opens to refine your email nurturing campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Improve your sales pitch: Identify what resonates with your audience and what falls flat, refining your approach for future interactions.

Ultimately, the HubSpot Sales plugin is more than just a tracking tool. It’s a productivity power-up and a sales intelligence engine, turning your email into a strategic weapon. 

SendBuzz Custom Domain Tracking: Bulk Email Assurance

SendBuzz takes email tracking to the next level with its custom domain tracking feature. There’s always a chance that your domain will be blacklisted or flagged as spam when sending large volumes of emails. SendBuzz Solution allows you to check your domain’s health in bulk, ensuring that your emails are not only delivered to the right people but also keep a good sender reputation. 

With the custom domain tracking feature, it assists you in identifying and resolving potential issues before they affect your email deliverability, you can use these feature with confidence knowing that your emails are less likely to be reported as spam. This proactive strategy is essential in maintaining a clean and trustworthy sender profile.