With changing times, businesses must understand the changing dynamics of buyers and sellers. It’s estimated that millennials have the highest number of decision-making roles in corporate buying.

Now, you may think about how this will impact your sales engagement process while approaching prospects. Well, there is a significant change that has happened.

Adapting the business’s sales and marketing strategy to the changing dynamics of markets would mean more investment or learning new skills. And the answer to this is both yes and no.

There are no drastic changes concerning investments in technology. But a lot has changed on the strategy side of dealing with the prospect.

First let’s understand the needs and preferences of the millennial buyer’s.

What are the needs and preferences of millennial buyers?

Understanding your buyer’s is not that tough as you can assume as they are in the majority in the corporate world. A population that has the key role in the formation of the economy. It’s people like your fellow worker.

But, to make it simple for you below are some needs and priorities of the millennial buyers are :

  • Millennials are informed buyers : As the current generation is flooded with the information this means that they are informed buyer’s.
  • Millennials are busy buyers : In the generation where time is a fleeting currency it’s important that your message reaches the prospect with minimal efforts on their side.
  • Millennial buyers prefer SMS : With the changing generation it’s more trendy for people in general to communicate with each other via Text Messages, WhatsApp to reach out to the prospect.
  • Millennial buyer’s like personalization : Being relevant is more important in today’s generation than anything. As the attention span of millennials has a short span. If the information is not relevant to them then it is difficult to retain them on your emails, website, blogs and more.

Now, that we know the needs and the priority of the millennials it has made the picture more clear about:

  • Channels where they are present
  • Strategies that you need to employ for bring them to the sales pipeline

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What are the channels where you can reach out to the prospect?

It’s not a hidden fact that every millennial spends a certain amount of time scrolling social media, answering messages on WhatsApp, or checking their emails. Therefore, the channels where you can reach out to the prospects are :

  • Social media platforms
  • Emails
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Forums

If these channels are used to reach out to the prospect properly, you can find clients that will give your businesses a good opportunity to expand your business. As we know, the majority of millennials have smart devices in their hands that are connected to the internet round the clock. Thus, it becomes easier for brands to hit their target audience at the right time.

The big question is, what strategies can you use for your outreach campaign?

way to reach out your prospects

What are the ways in which you can reach out to your prospects?

There are various ways on how you can connect to the prospect as it depends on the end goal of the business. Some of these strategies:

  1. Create a smart outreach campaign
    Being consistent while engaging the prospects is the key to convert them into a paying client. This can be achieved when you schedule your follow-up with the prospect. A sale engagement software will make it very effortless for you to approach your prospect across channels consistently.
  2. A/B test your messaging
    There is no sure short way to reach out to your prospect with the best email messages that can convince them to read your message. With A/B testing you can reach out to the prospect with the email messages that best serve your purpose.
  3. Use smart integrations with CRM
    Managing your prospect data is not a simple task, it takes a lot of effort. Although entering your data to your is time consuming it is crucial for you to manage your prospect data to build relationships with them.Using Customer Relation management tools and LinkedIn integration tools can help you with the data entry and integration of the customer data to your CRM tools. There are various tools like

    HubSpot and LinkedIn integration tool LeadCRM.

  4. Track your prospects’ journey
    To understand millennial buyers it’s important to track their movement inside your sales pipeline. Features like custom tracking helps you track the prospects activity so that you make an informed move when approaching the prospect.
  5. Work on technicality
    When reaching out to the prospects with email campaigns a key mistake that every sales rep or marketer does is that they forgot about warming up their email address before reaching out to the prospect. Therefore, to ensure email deliverability ensure that you have configured your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  6. Add value for your prospects
    Almost every millennial starts their journey with knowing about the solutions that are present in the market. Therefore, it is essential that you should have both a user friendly web page and relevant blog content that creates awareness of the content.
  7. Personalize your messaging
    Approaching prospects with personalization at scale increases the chances to reach out to the bigger audience at scale. With a sales engagement tool this is possible as it provides the sales cadence that is needed.
  8. Use multi-channel outreach
    You are familiar with the fact that everyone is present on various channels. Hence, reaching out to the prospect across the channels is important as it increases both the credibility and trust of the prospect.

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Key takeaways

So, the market trends are changing. And, when a business is focusing on promoting their products and services to millennials, they need to work on personalization, value addition, and make sure to reach out to them where they hang around. Thus, it is better to reach out to your millennial prospects over text-based channels compared to cold calls or any other forms. You can utilize the power of a multi-channel outreach platform for the same and create campaigns that have multiple flows.