Do you realize how important it is to send a reminder email to your recipient when you want them to respond, i.e. take action?

It’s equally crucial as sending the initial email.

However, because a typical business professional receives 96 emails per day, it can be challenging to get a response to your first email. Any business or professional finds it difficult to respond the same day or right away after an outreach.

It’s not likely, but it’s not impossible. You can receive a quicker answer by simply sending a polite email reminder.

The topic of how to remind someone to respond nicely emerges.

A polite email reminder that is professionally written has a lot of advantages. A harsh and unprofessional email, though, might sabotage the game.

You may establish a strong and enduring relationship with your prospects and leads by sending them a kind reminder message. Eventually, this will assist you in moving forward rapidly and strategically to succeed in the long run.

Everyone should become proficient in polite email replies and email etiquette. This post will show you how to create a polite reminder email that will improve response times.

How can you ask someone to respond to your email in a nice manner?

To ensure a prompt response, you should consider how long the receiver will take to read your email before responding. To increase your email response rate, you must adhere to fundamental email etiquette. This will help you create the ideal reminder email. To make things simpler for you, we’ve included some reminder email templates at each paragraph in this post.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

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1. Post a response to the email thread.

Your addressee receives a tremendous volume of emails every day, as was already noted. His email count will go up if he starts a new follow-up thread, and it will probably go unanswered. It is simpler for your receiver to access the earlier email if you reply within the same thread. This finally enables you to respond to emails quickly and provides great productivity.

Maintaining a consistent email thread will keep your talks flowing. The whole context is available in the thread email and may be easily accessed by referring to the prior discussion. This saves you time and reduces the possibility that you will miss anything crucial, especially if your firm relies heavily on email.

Same Email Thread

Hey {{First name}},

Greetings from {{Company name}}!

I am just following up to check if you got some time to look at my previous email.

We at SendBuzz have market expertise in lead nurturing and are well known for helping many top players, including Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon.

If you are confused with our solution, I can help you with a customer success demo and also arrange a free trial for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

{{Your email signature}}



Hi {{First name}},

I just came to know about your achievement at {{Company name}} Kudos!

Your address about lead nurturing was quite appealing. In between, you described the problem you’re facing with BriskSales. We also have a similar tool that can solve your problem with the sales engagement feature.

If you are willing to learn more about our product, allow me 10 minutes from your schedule. I will show you how you can solve your problem with a practical demonstration.

You can schedule a call with me by clicking here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

{{Your email signature}}

Scott received the reminder email in the same thread as in the case above. Scott was able to save time by using this to get a straight reference from the earlier email. Additionally, the sender continued the previous email’s narrative. Additionally, the sender enhanced the email’s value by including a free trial and a product demonstration. As a result, Scott will recognize the significance of the email and feel compelled to respond to the sender.

The secret in this case is to make your reminder emails more valuable in addition to being polite.

2. Keep the greeting brief and to the point.

Simple, concise messages are simpler to read. The email is more enticing when you add short, sweet sentences. It keeps the person reading your message and taking the necessary action interested.

Additionally, including a greeting with your email adds legitimacy and authenticity.

To make an email feel special and dedicated to the recipient, it should always be personalized. Emails are frequently automated by senders, lacking any individuality. Impersonalized emails are often ignored by recipients since they are perceived as more junk mail when they are opened. Sending messages that are really personalized keeps your recipient interested and raises your email response rate.

With a Greeting

Hey {{First name}},

Greeting from {{Company name}}!

I hope everything is going well on your side.

I believe you must be super busy, yet I am just following you to check if you got a chance to look for the solution I asked for in the previous email. You can check the support ticket #345666 for reference.

Looking forward to hear from you.

{{Your email signature}}

In order to send highly personalized emails at scale, it is advised to use a service like SendBuzz.

To make your job easier, SendBuzz gives you the ability to schedule automated, personalised follow-up reminders with the main email. The follow-up reminder messages are sent based on the recipient’s actions and the circumstances you specify. The following conditions can be used to determine when to send reminder emails: email not replied to, email not opened, and regardless of all.

An email to Amy is being reminded in the example above. Amy, a customer service representative, has not responded to a specific help ticket. The client has sent a brief and straightforward email reminder asking for an update on the situation. He saluted and expressed sympathy at the outset of the email. The customer has stated that the email is a reminder with the ticket number in the subject line. Amy will be more prompt to address the issue more quickly as a result of the support executive’s work becoming easier as a result.

3. Be courteous and make sure all of your message’s points are covered.

Using polite language demonstrates your concern for the reader’s time while they read your email. Your email recipient will respond to you based on the words you use. Writing an impolite and unprofessional email will cause it to be thrown in the trash or, in the worst-case scenario, SPAM you.

Clarifying the goal of your reminder email is the following crucial component. Including cues and explanations in the reminder will help you, even though the main goal is to get your recipient to reply to your original email. It can cut out the drawn-out discussion and prompt action over time.

To make your email easier to read, you can also include some emotions in it. Additionally, adding rich language at crucial moments like dates and timings will draw the recipient’s attention.

With Politeness

Hi James,

Greetings from {{Company name}}!

I hope this email reaches you well.

I am just sending you a friendly reminder that your 14 day free trial expires today. I hope you had a productive period with {{Company name}}!

In case you didn’t get a chance to use it in you busy schedule, I can help you in rearranging another 7 days free trial.

Looking forward to hear from you.

{{Your email signature}}

One of the better illustrations of a courteous reminder email sample is the one shown above. James had a free trial of SendBuzz, and it is about to expire. The sender is unsure of whether or not he has utilized it, though. James has been politely reminded to respond to the email in a follow-up communication from the sender. He began by inquiring about his experience with SendBuzz and, if he hadn’t already, offered a trial extension.

To write better cold emails with strong deliverability, you may also use SendBuzz’s Real-time Email Writing aid. We’ve developed an email writing aid to help users produce cold emails focused on deliverability.

Four real-time suggestions that update, as you type the email into the editor, are part of this support. You can make sure your email is respectful and professional by doing this.

4. Check the amount of interest using an email tracking report.

To get the most out of your emails, it’s critical to observe the recipient’s response to them. When you send too many reminder emails, you might not hear back. That could be as a result of a lack of interest or your recipient’s unavailability. With the help of an email tracking tool, you may monitor the behavior of your recipients and take appropriate action.

You can examine how your recipient interacts with your email by using email tracking software when you send them an email. By looking at when and how frequently your receiver has opened your emails and clicked on your links, you can determine the level of engagement. You can use the information to plan your reminder messages and take data-driven action.

5. Create a task-oriented email.

Every email sent, including reminder emails, has a clear purpose. Emails are sent by marketers to turn subscribers into leads, salespeople to turn leads into clients, recruiters to find appropriate prospects, and bloggers to increase readership. However, the communication is ineffective if you don’t include an actionable hook in your email.

Include a call to action that will enable your audience to respond as you intend. The thought of how to convince someone to respond to your email will cross your mind when you are reminding them to do so. To do this, include a concise, actionable message in your email and express a desire to hear back. Your response rate will increase if your call to action is more explicit.

Action Driven Email

Hi {{First name}},

I checked that you were trying to make a payment of {{Product name}} subscription worth US$ 84. However, due to some technical difficulties, the payment was not processed.

If there are any deductions from your account, it will get back to you within 3 working days.

We have kept your {{Product name}} account active and you can retry for the payment process. You can also try our alternative payment methods from here.

If you are facing any problems with your transaction, feel free to reply to this email.

{{Your email signature}}

The greatest strategy to increase conversions is to include a CTA to the email’s conclusion that is action-driven. An email reminder to a customer whose payment was declined is seen in the example above. In addition to assisting him with alternative payment methods, the sender also requested any kind of help that he could need. As a result, the client will feel content with the level of service and take the required steps.

At the end of the day, don’t you want a happy customer answering your email with a smile?

6. Employ appropriate grammar and formatting

Your emails will look lovely and will be of higher quality with proper formatting. Your email generates an image in the recipient’s head when you send a formal email reminder. It must be made as nicely as possible. Make it a habit to double-check your email before sending it and to follow a standard email format. Use free programmes like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to prevent foolish grammar mistakes.

Making the right word choices before sending your email is more important than anything else. You should never use emails to offend someone’s sentiments. It is not recommended to do this because it is regarded as bad email behavior.

An example of poor emailing behavior is the email mentioned above. James was supposed to respond to David, but it didn’t turn out that way. Now David is preparing to email James a reminder.

David neglected to correct spelling, grammar, and proper email formatting. He also used a harsh tone when writing the email. These emails are not read by anyone. Don’t draught an email like David and harm your receiver by doing so.

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Even when you know how to politely remind someone to respond to an email, this does not guarantee that your emails will always be promptly answered. You must be patient and cool-headed when handling these. It could take a while.  However, you can use email sequence software to get around the manual follow-up failure. You may set up your email sequence and follow up with your recipient automatically.

It is usually advised to follow the fundamental rules of email etiquette while sending any kind of business email. These manners can help you increase the value of your emails and develop a strong personal brand within your network.

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