Connect your Hubspot with SendBuzz

We are happy to announce that SendBuzz app is now available on HubSpot Apps marketplace! 🥳

HubSpot is a renowned customer relationship management platform that helps users manage their sales and marketing pipelines.Not only that, users can scale their organizations by managing their customer relationships with the existing users and prospects.

SendBuzz will help users of HubSpot make their outreach campaigns even more effective and smarter. As SendBuzz is helping organizations run data-driven decisions by helping them transform their data into actionable insights; HubSpot users will be able to optimize their campaigns.

SendBuzz also provides two-way CRM sync, that allows users to exchange data between the platforms and keep your prospects list up to date with the sales process they have reached in the funnel.

You can visit the SendBuzz app on HubSpot marketplace and start using it. This allows you to run smart multi-channel outreach campaigns. Want to sync your HubSpot prospects and run sales engagement campaigns?

Try SendBuzz today!

Want to grow your outreach? Try SendBuzz today!