Reaching out to the prospect at different touch points makes your outreach more effective. So, what are the multi-channel cold outreach and its effects on the sales pipeline? 🤔

How does this happen?

Multi-channel cold outreach increases your conversion rate and keeps your sales pipeline flowing with new high-value leads.

Let’s start with the basics first!

What is multi-channel cold outreach & example

Multi-channel marketing is a way of reaching out to leads at various channels to convert them into prospects. Reaching out to the prospect across multiple channels gives sales reps more chances to engage with leads.

Multi-channel cold outreach Example : Let’s say you want to reach out to a lead. Then you can start approaching him across multiple channels in this way.

outreach sequences

Reason that these kind of approach works well is:

  • Hyper personalized approach
  • Connect with the prospect according to the contact info available
  • Sales reps gets more chance to connect with the client at various touch points

Generate more qualified leads with cold outreach!

Why is the multi-channel approach better than single-channel approach?

Multi-channel campaigns gets better than single channel campaign for reasons like :

Cold outreach across multiple channels enables the sales representative to approach the prospect at various touch points.

When a sales representative approaches the prospect at different touch points, they come across as less pushy.

This gives the prospect the impression that they are not being forced to buy anything.

The effort of switching channels makes the sales reps more susceptible to reaching the prospect where they are.

Sometimes, due to various reasons, prospects are not available on a single platform.

Or the prospect’s contact information is not available.

For example, it can happen that the email of the prospect is not available to you to send mail to.

So a multi-channel approach can help, as your sales representative can contact the prospect via another channel.

What are the multiple channels to reach out to your prospects?

There are multiple channel where you can connect with the prospect are : 

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Email
  3. Cold Calling
  4. SMS
  5. Twitter 
  6. Whatsapp
  1. LinkedIn
    The second most used prospecting channel is LinkedIn. Sending connections requests or Inmails will let you get in touch with others.
    As every LinkedIn profile is viewable by the general public, you may easily get in touch with your leads on LinkedIn if they have one.
    Nevertheless, you must first get your leads to approve your connection request in order to be able to send messages. The sole disadvantage of email, where you can access your inbox immediately, is this.
  2. Email
    The most used prospecting channel is email. You can send up to 200 emails each day per email address, making it simple to scale.
    You must still gather the emails of your leads because you can never find 100% of them. To prevent spam, you must also take care of your deliverability.
  3. Cold Calling
    You might wish to try to find your target’s phone number and make a cold call if they don’t respond to your emails and LinkedIn messages.
    You can mention your email and LinkedIn messages on the call when you incorporate cold calling into multi-channel sequences, which is convenient.
    You won’t come out as a stranger that way. You have a good excuse to call the prospect because they didn’t respond to your message.
  4. SMS
    SMS is usually ignored by many sales reps but there is a catch here as the traffic on SMS is low it’s easy to get the attention of the recipient. If cold calling is the option (i.e) you have the contact details of the recipects you can use SMS as well.
  5. Twitter
    Twitter may not be the most popular B2B prospecting platform, but a lot of individuals use it to post and access B2B information.
    The good news is that compared to email and LinkedIn inboxes, Twitter inboxes are much less clogged. You might stand out and receive a lot of responses.
    If any of your target consumers use Twitter, it would be worthwhile to give it a shot.
  6. WhatsApp
    One of the trending ways to reach prospects is via WhatsApp where you can use various methods like drip campaigns to reach out to your leads even when you cannot attend them personally.

How To Get The Most Out of Multi-channel Cold Outreach?

Here are some tips for maximizing results from your multi*channel cold outreach :

  • Use a reliable multi-channel tool like sales engagement software for cold outreach.
  • Warm up your Linkedin account and emails.
  • Record every encounter in your CRM.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Clearly define your ideal customer profile.
  • Segmentize your target audience. 
  • Personalize your engagement.
  • Find your lead’s contact information.
  • Have a good idea about the key performance indicator
  • Use A/B testing to know the best approach that would lead to the optimal engagement with the leads.

How to develop a multi-channel outreach strategy?

The first thing that you need to know before creating a multi-channel outreach is the elementary aspects that you need to be focused on.

What are these three key elements?

  1. Form a strong relationship with your lead by understanding the target audience and creating awareness.
  2. Become a thought leader by providing original and valuable information.
  3. Reach out to your audience and connect with them at their comfort level.

Now, we know what are the key elements required to create a multi-channel outreach strategy.

Let’s see how you can put this in practice.

  1. Form a strong relationship with your leads by establishing trust and credibility

    Actionable steps:

    • Understanding target audience 
      Start by understanding your audience.
      When you do your homework right (i.e., create an audience persona), you are prepared to deal with their questions and you know their needs and pain points in advance.
      This helps you optimize your engagement and makes your interaction with them more personalized.
    • Finding them and connecting with them 
      After knowing your target audience now, the next step is to find ways to reach out to them at scale. This can be achieved by finding the contact information on LinkedIn, visiting the company site for contact information and other means.
      Below is the example of how you can get the contact information of your target audience at scale.
      Finding them and connecting with them
    • Creating Awareness 
      Once you have collected the information, plan your next strategy about how to reach out to the client.
      Build an email list, send invites on LinkedIn, form a call list, attend events in these ways you will start to create awareness about your product or solution that you are providing.
  2. Become a thought leader by providing original and valuable information

    Actionable steps :

    • Post informative content on LinkedIn 
      When you want to connect with the leads, it’s easy if you can create trust in the initial stage of engagement.
      If you are approaching via LinkedIn, then you should be working on establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
      And if you initiate your initial engagement using Mali, then your efforts should be on increasing your familiarity with the lead. By doing that you would have a better connection with the leads.
    • Attend events, webinars, podcast to form trust 
      If you get the chance to reach out to your leads offline or attend a group event online use it to the fullest.
      In person meeting whether online or offline increases your chance to stand out in the leads inbox as you can give the reference of your interaction with them.
      Example: If you reach out to the lead via email after meeting them at an offline event.
    • Post original content 
      Posting original and valuable content is one of the best ways to establish credibility as it lets the lead know that you are good at what you do. These content should address the pain point of the prospect at the same time offer solutions to the pain points.
      An example is this post below which lets the viewer know about some key terminologies related to email deliverability.
  3. Reach out to your audience and connect with them at their comfort level

    Actionable steps :

    • Reach out leads where they are 
      Starting conversations with your audience and converting them into qualified leads is the final step of the multi-channel cold outreach funnel.
      You can start interacting with people after they know who you are. This gives your outreach a more “warm” tone. You are already aware of the three primary multi-channel channels; the challenge is figuring out how to integrate them together to produce the ideal lead-communication channel.

How to mix multiple outreach channels with SendBuzz?

I guess after reading blogs you have an enhanced understanding about multi-channel outreach and the benefits associated with it.

Below is an example of how you can create a multi channel outreach using SendBuzz.

Example: If you have an email address and LinkedIn information of a prospect then.

  • Send invite connection on LinkedIn
  • If he does not responds (wait for 2 days)
  • View his profile (wait for a day) 
  • Send Introduction email

Your web design and easy navigation is really incredible {{your brief value proposition}} and would like to connect to the concerned person who handles responsibility for this area of your marketing,at {{prospect company}}.

Are you the concerned person to speak about this?If not,would you recommend someone who I can contact ?

Many Thanks,

{Your Name}

Follow up 1

Hi,{First name}}

Recently we helped a start up {insert result} by {what you do}.Can you direct me to the person who handles {what you do } to proceed in the future?


{{Your name}}

Follow up 2

Hi {First Name},

Just catching up with you again as there is a good chance that you might have missed my mail in all the mails that you get daily.Still looking for to the call were you can inform me about problem {prospect’s company} is facing an how {your product} can solve that. How

about a quick call next week ?


{your name}

Follow up 3

Hey,{First name}

Hope you are doing well. Just checking on you to see if you are up for a quick call on Tuesday 2pm or Wednesday 4pm ?

Looking forward to hearing from you


{your name}

P.S: thought you might find this article interesting {Link}.

Final follow up

Hi, {First name}

I can understand that you must have been busy and balancing responsibilities both professional and personal is not an easy task. Henceforth this is my last reach out to you regarding {value proposition}. If in case you are not interested in our offering then i would not connect with you further and if not then feel free to connect any time that suits you.


{Your Name}

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Conclusion :

You are now prepared to develop your own multi-channel cold outreach strategy to bring in some high-quality leads, forge fantastic connections, and schedule more meetings. Try SendBuzz to get started with your cold outreach email templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the multi-channel marketing fundamentals?

Building genuine relationships with your audience through social media, establishing yourself as a thought leader to gain credibility, and communicating with them through various channels on their terms.

How do multi-channel and sales engagement interact with one another?

Sales engagement comprises multichannel, which is the strategy to employ to connect all the channels together, but also adds the level of CRM and analysis to organize the data and speed up the procedure.

What multi-channel tools should I employ?

There are many sales engagement platforms available in the market. One such platform is SendBuzz that has you generate leads and lets you integrate with almost all the CRM so that you can manage your leads efficiently.