If you are leading a sales or marketing team in your organization, you would come to a place where you need to generate new leads and prospects to keep running your cold outreach campaigns. Whether you use cold emailing or cold calling as your preferred method to reach out to potential clients, generating fresh leads is all that you need to keep the ball rolling.

Well, that’s where you start seeing a lot of options and you stress out. Why? Because everyone is telling you that they are trying to sell you data – names, emails, industry, company people are working for and so on! But, that data is in a heavy excel file, that might not even get opened in your computer without a special software.

And, it does not end there – the data might be weeks or sometimes months old. Which means, many of your prospects have switched their jobs or their phone numbers got changed. Even after paying a huge chunk of money, you are left with unfiltered data which is useless to grow your revenue. So, even after paying for all the price for data, you have to get a validation software to see if the data you bought is correct and updated or not.

The league of finding good data is not ending there as well. You might get the premium subscription of LinkedIn to use Sales Navigator data. Great, because now the data is fresh, but the bad part is – you can only find some number of leads there, then you send InMails or connection requests – only some of them get accepted and a few of them might get coveted. In the entire process, you waste your months, and if you compare the price you pay per lead; it will blow up your mind! Plus, there is a huge issue of moving these leads into your CRM solution. You might need to get a third party tool to do that; and we know how frustrating it becomes when you have to press more buttons to do a simple thing.

Just to break this common pattern we see everywhere these days, we decided to go with building SendBuzz Leads integration for our users. While you build your scalable automated sales funnel and get inbound inquiries, working on cold outreach becomes just like a hot knife going through butter.


At SendBuzz, we were evaluating how B2B or B2C users would generate their leads. Turns out, most of them run performance marketing campaigns, do content marketing, social media postings and more to generate traffic on their website and landing pages. But, when some algorithms get updated, they simply lose their pace in some months. And, living with zero to no fresh revenue for a couple of months feels like choking. So, these business leaders mentioned that they get the leads data from third parties and start working on their cold outreach part. Many of the leads are not active or the data is so basic that they can’t tap onto the right platform for their prospects.

Thus, a feature of SendBuzz would help them to find the prospects by using advanced filters like their company name, location, their designations, company size, revenue, and more. Now, you just have to sit back and select what should happen with these prospect data. You do not have to go on another platform to verify those leads, not to sync them manually with your CRM solution or upload your data in your campaign – with just a couple of clicks, SendBuzz does it all for you.

So, next time when you are trying to run cold outreach by getting leads from third party, just don’t Switch to SendBuzz and accelerate ahead.