“If you want to win a man over to your ideas, first make him your friend.” Abraham Lincoln

If I told you to describe cold emailing in two words what would that be? 

It’s not hard to guess, right?

The core of any cold emailing lies in effective communication. So, in my opinion these words, effective communication are the words that describe cold emailing appropriately. 

This blog is going to revolve around tips to improve your communication and how automation can help you make your outreach successful. 

In the 1970’s, the world’s first email launched a new era of communication and sales and till now emails are one of the most cost effective ways to start cold email marketing and connecting with your prospect for many businesses. So, let’s see what are the most effective ways in which you can optimize your outreach via cold emails.

Be clear about the message that you want to communicate 

When writing your email you should know what action you are accepting from your prospect as this will decide the content of your message.

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Example: When you are initially approaching your prospect, your goal is to build a relationship with the prospect, introduce yourself, and educate them about your business. Therefore, your message should be focused on familiarizing your prospect about your services or product.

There is a notion that using templates would not give you the same results as personally drafting the email.

Well, in my opinion that is partially correct.

As when you quality leads who are well suited for your business there’s a possibility that they may or may not become your customer so if you don’t scale up your cold email campaign you would have less prospects in your pipeline.

Now, you must be confused that if I am in favor of using email templates then there is no point of reading this blog. But I can assure if you follow through till the end you won’t regret giving your time.

Knowing what you want to convey with your prospect will let you know which temple you can use at different stages of the prospect journey. To make it more personalized you can add their first name, company, their pain point and more. In this way you can get the best of both worlds and you can reach your prospect and lead at scale with a more personalized approach.

Be more specific about your service

When you want to get your prospect’s attention then know thoroughly about the pain point of your prospect. Now, this is not something new but many sales reps don’t get this right.

When you are suggesting how you can be a good fit for your offer, be more specific about how your service will add value to their individual business. You can achieve this by having a detailed knowledge about your prospect and handling their objections when you are putting up the offer.

This can be achieved by consistent follow up and educating your prospect about your services and solution that you are offering. According to the IRS sales solution, only 2% of total sales are made during the first point of contact so even if you miss a simple follow up you will miss almost 98% of your sales. 

Sales engagement platform and cold email tools like SendBuzz can help your sales rep with consistent follow ups and run custom sequences by combining emails, phone calls, text on LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Keep effective call-to-action 

Your call to action determines the fruits of your efforts. When you approach a prospect via cold email it takes a lot of things to work for you like your subject line should be on point, cold email landing directly into your prospects inbox directly, the message of your mail appealing enough that it is read by the prospect but if he does not know what action he is expected to do next all this efforts may do to waste.

So, add a minimum two to three call- to- action and leave enough space around your call to action  so that it is easy for the prospect to use the call to action created by you.

Keep your message concise and to the point 

As we all know that we humans choose the path of least resistance because it is hard wired into our brain. So, making your email too wordy and putting a not relevant message for the prospect will result in your prospect not reading your message.

Draft your message that is relevant to the prospect and to the point. This will increase your click-through rate and effectiveness of your call-to- action.

Let your email land directly into your prospects inbox

When you are running a cold email campaign, there is a risk of your email address losing its reputation and your email landing in the spam folder of the prospect. Send Buzz helps you to warm up your email which ensures that your email lands directly into the inbox of the prospect increasing the efficiency of your outreach.

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Now, that we have discussed ways to make your outreach more effective, I would like to say that no strategy is useful until it is put to use!. Therefore, use these strategies into your cold email outreach. Technology is a man’s best friend and his greatest enemy but it depends on how we use it that makes the difference. When it comes to sales engagement Send Buzz is a sales engagement platform that can help you optimize your sales engagement process and help your sales rep achieve their monthly quotas. Give your sales engagement the automation it needs, start automating today.