Reach Your Prospect Across the Globe

Get business numbers for your target location and start calling your prospects with single click! Remove the fuss of using multiple tools of jumping tools with SendBuzz and improve results.

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Boost Your Outreach With Calls

Run scalable voice outreach process with the AI-powered calls.
Ensure your manual performed outreach tasks of calls always get answered by winning the trust of your prospects by running personalized multi-channel sales engagement campaigns.

Make Your Calls Noteworthy!

SendBuzz is the all-in-one sales engagement tool that will help you run multi-channel outreach with customizations. Assign personalized AI agents to solve your customer queries on the go.

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Built-in Dialer

Track the performance of your reps and help them improve their dial duties by making data-driven decisions. Use in-built dialer to make the workflow rapid. Make native integration with your CRM tool and measure the performance without missing a record in the process.

Track performance of sales team with Integrate CRM

Start building and nurturing lasting relationships!

No credit card required 😎

Call your prospects do smart follow-ups

Convert Your Inbound Calls

Let AI manage your inbound calls with answers related to your business and operations.

Connect with your prospects at the right time to maximize the effectiveness of closure.

Schedule your calls For maximized engagements

Schedule Your Calls for Maximized Engagements

Save time by automating sales operations with right triggers. Book more meetings, help prospects to become a product qualified lead based on their behavior and custom trigger actions.

Why SendBuzz to Manage Calls & Tasks?

Assign dedicated local or international numbers for your sales team on the go with the help of SendBuzz. Set up processes without wasting any time and start reaching out to your prospects to close faster.

Bring all your business apps together by using SendBuzz's powerful native integrations.

Get AI-based smart suggestions while you make your sales calls. Let the AI help you speak the right words when you miss your track on the call.

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Supercharge Sales

Multi-channel sales engagement platform to boost your sales effectiveness at scale.

team management

Call Recording

Review your recorded calls and help your sales reps get detailed insights.

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Close Faster

Engage with your prospects and customers with campaigns that get delivered right!

powerful automation marketing tool

Powerful Automation

Manage smart triggers to get the best results across the sales channels.

Get Ready to Skyrocket Your Response Rates

Say Goodbye to old cold calling! Welcome to the world of smarter dialing machine that deliver performance. Reach your prospects faster and get more meetings everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SendBuzz Provide Call Reports?

SendBuzz gives you the ability to track what your sales reps and teams are doing on their duty. Sync all your data and performance without leaving your system.

Does Sendbuzz Allow Teams to Buy Numbers?

Growing teams can buy and assign new numbers via SendBuzz. You can reach out to our sales and support team to know more.

How Will My Team Use Calls and Tasks?

Calls and tasks can be automated so that you can focus on your multi-channel outreach campaigns.


Does SendBuzz Offer a Mobile App to Manage Calls?

Yes, the SendBuzz development team is working on getting the mobile application for using the call feature. You will soon be able to get the application connecting your SendBuzz account.