What is an Advertorial?

An advertorial is an ‘advertisement’ in the form of an editorial. Advertorials are usually written by the marketing and branding department of a company, and they are designed to promote a product or service in a positive light.

Advertorials are a form of advertising that are typically written in a journalistic style and presented as editorial content. They are usually found in magazines and newspapers, but can also appear in the online publishing mediums. Advertorials are designed to promote a product or service in a way that is objective and informative, while also providing readers with an incentive to purchase the product or service.

Characteristics Of An Advertorial in detail

An advertorial is a form of advertising in which an advertiser promotes a product or service through a third-party publication. The third-party publication is typically a newspaper, magazine, or online publishing website, and the content is typically written by the advertiser or a third-party branding agency. Advertorials are typically labeled as such, and they may include a byline or other attribution to the advertiser.

Advertorials are a successful form of native advertising that is presented in a way that it blends in with the surrounding content. Native advertising is often contrasted with banner ads, which are more intrusive and less subtle.

Advertorials can be an effective form of advertising because they are less likely to be ignored than banner ads, and they can build trust between the advertiser and the reader. However, advertorials can also be seen as deceptive if they are not clearly labeled as advertising, and they can backfire if the content is not well-written or relevant to the reader.

Types Of An Advertorial

  1. Product-focused advertorials : These advertorials focus on a specific product or service, and they usually include a call to action, such as “Buy Now” or “Learn More.”
  2. Company-focused advertorials : These advertorials focus on a specific company, and they usually include information about the company’s products or services.
  3. Issue-focused advertorials : These advertorials focus on a specific issue, and they usually include information about how the company is addressing the issue.

Process of Advertorials

  1. The advertiser or agency creates an advertorial, which is a form of advertising that includes elements of both advertising and editorial content.
  2. The advertorial is then submitted to a publisher, who will decide whether or not to publish it.
  3. If the publisher decides to publish the advertorial, it will appear in their publication, along with other editorial content.
  4. Readers of the publication will then see the advertorial and, hopefully, be interested in the product or service being advertised.

How to write an Advertorial?

Simple is awesome so to write content that is relevant and informative to spark the curiosity in your audience. Few tips on Advertorial :
  1. Content should be related to the topic.
  2. Adds value to the audience reading.
  3. Include visual aesthetics to grab attention.
  4. Honesty goes a long way so be transparent with your audience about the content is about Advertorial.


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