Advise Phase

What is an Advice Phase?

The Advise phase is a key part of the consulting process during which the consultant provides recommendations to the client based on their analysis of the client’s current situation. The goal of the Advise phase is to help the client make informed decisions about how to improve their business.

Process of Advise Phase

The first step in the advice phase is to understand the client’s needs. This can be done through interviews, surveys, and other research methods. Then once the needs are understood, the advisor will develop a plan to address those needs. This plan will include recommendations for products, services, and strategies that can help the client reach their goals. The advisor will then present the plan to the client and discuss the options. The client can then decide whether to implement the plan or not.

Types of Advise Phase in detail

There are four main types of advice phases : pre-purchase, pre-sale, post-purchase, and post-sale. Each type of advice phase has a different purpose and focus :

  1. Pre-purchase advice phase : This type of advice phase helps buyers identify their needs and wants, understand the market, and learn about the different options available to them. It also helps them develop a budget and plan for their purchase.
  2. Pre-sale advice phase : All the activity that takes place before closing the sales is called pre-sales advice. Pre-sale process includes research, validation, preparation and lead nurturing. The end goal of the pre-sales advice is to support the sales and marketing team to find, win, and renew customers.
  3. Post-purchase advice phase : When the customer starts to see the value in the product it’s important in this phase that you deliver on the promise you made per-purchase. Retain the customer by offering support and encouragement.
  4. Post-sale advice phase : This type of advice phase helps sellers understand the different options available to them after they have sold their homes. It also helps them develop a plan for their next home, and learn about the different options available to them.

How to implement Advise Phase

The client has come to you for advice on how to deal with their current financial or business situation. After looking at their current situation, you advise them to :

  1. Make a budget for your client and stick to it
  2. Work on paying off their debt while generating more revenue
  3. Invest in some long-term savings
  4. Review their marketing and sales outreach to give suggestions
  5. Make a plan for their future financial goals plus marketing road map