What is Business-to-Business (B2B)?

B2B stands for Business-to-Business. In the B2B market, the customer of the company is another company or business. Individual customers are not included in the B2B selling.

So, in simple terms, B2B is the flow of products, goods and services from one business to another business. Then with the business models like B2B2B or B2B2C, a third party also gets involved in the product or service distributions. Here, initially two or more businesses do the trade and then the end user joins the trade chain.

Advantages of B2B Model

Here are some of the most common advantages of B2B business model.

Better Profit margins

As the definition suggests, B2B is the trade between businesses. So goods or services are provided majorly in bulk deals. A huge amount of transactions of goods or services are done, leading to bigger ticket values and more profits compared to selling directly to single consumers.

Lower Advertising and Marketing Costs

B2B businesses have fewer customers but their transactions are huge. Because of that, the business has to reach out to very few customers compared to B2C businesses. Thus the advertising and marketing efforts & costs can be saved and utilized better.

More Secured

B2B is a more secure and low-risk business because there are few buyers and few sellers compared to B2Consumer space. In B2B, most of the communication is done online through Email or phone calls, leading to better management of proof of all the transactions and keeping track of  payment records.

Disadvantages of B2B

Here are the most common disadvantages of B2B business model.

Difficult to convenience

In the B2B markets, it is difficult to convert leads into actual customers. In the case of B2B dealing, the majority of transactions are huge and all the company has their customized requirements; all business has different terms and conditions. These different conditions could be payment terms, delivery terms, custom bulk of the order and much more. Dealing with various requirements at the same time might become cumbersome at times.

Limitation on Sales growth

There is a limited scope for fresh sales every month in the B2B market as the customer purchases products in large quantities. The limitation of selling does not end there. Due to higher volume, businesses also tend to demand huge discounts and offers before purchasing your services. And, because of that, the margin of profit per product is lowered compared to the product in the B2C market.


The B2B marketplace is the best marketplace if you are capable of manufacturing and selling products or services in bulk quantities. And along with that you also have to consider the fact that you will receive lower-profit margins when you look at the profit margin per product. But, because of the scale of products & services, you will secure a huge profit.