What is an End User?

An end user is an individual who uses your product or services irrespective of whether that person is a direct buyer of your products and services or not. The end user might have acquired the products and services from your organization via various distributor as well. The end user is directly or indirectly involved in any product development and its production.

In the digital world, an end user is also known as a person who uses computers, smartphones or a digital device to access information on our platform or consume the marketing information. For instance, someone who might install and use an application on their smartphone or computer from a software company are also end users for that particular software company.

Characteristics of an End User

End users are individuals who use apps or information technology software in their day-to-day lives to get their work done. They are the ultimate consumers of information technology products and are responsible for its successful adoption and integration into their lives. While end users are not responsible for designing, developing, or maintaining information technology products or services, they are responsible for using them in an effective and efficient manner at scale.

End users come from all walks of life and have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. Some end users are highly knowledgeable about information technology, while others have only basic understanding of the products and services they use. Some end users are tech-savvy early adopters, while others are reluctant to use new technology products or services.

Regardless of their background or level of expertise in technology, all end users have one thing in common: they need to be able to use information technology products and services to meet their needs. This means that information technology products and services must be designed by keeping them in mind. They must be easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly to get adopted by the masses.

User-centric design is a process that puts the end user at the center of the design process. Which translates to end users are involved in every step of the design process, from ideation to development to testing.

Factors That Affect End Users’ Decision Making

Here are the leading factors that affect the decision-making of your end users :

  1. Need for the product
  2. Price of the product
  3. Quality of the product
  4. Distribution and availability of the product
  5. Brand identity of the product
  6. Reviews and validations of the product
  7. Recommendation of leaders and influencers

Customers vs End Users

Customers are generally the person who performs a purchase action directly with you and might not be the ultimate end users who will use the product you have produced. In comparison, end users are the one that gets access to the product via these resellers or in some cases directly.

  • Example of Customer: an airline company buying a smartphone from you.
  • Example of End Users: the airline crew who uses these smartphones to scan your boarding passes.