Gated Content

What is Gated Content?

The content which can be accessed only by fulfilling certain criteria is called Gated Content. For accessing such data a person has to fill out the form or give some information in exchange. Many times when you want to access some data like PDF or for getting any kind of information the website asks for information like contact details and name. Generally, the website collects this information for getting information from customers or for generating leads.
Sproutsocial gated Content form

Best Practices for Gated Content

Here are some of the best practices for marketers to generate gated content and generate more leads from their websites and digital properties :

  • The content should be created for every stage of the buyer’s journey
  • The company should offer a lot of value and information in the content to keep the user engaged
  • Audience or Visitors can be segmented in various criterias
  • Analytics should be measured and UX should be improved
  • The company can strengthen the landing page of the website

On top of that, companies should automate their workflow for the same. Once the visitor or user fills a form to access gated content on your website, the sales team should work on engaging the lead and converting them into a paying customer.

Example of HubSpot Gated Content Guide

Advantages of Gated Content

  • Gated content can help with the lead generation process. More leads can be generated through this process as users are looking for insights and solutions to their problems.
  • The generated leads can be used by a marketing team and this can improve the sales of the company.
  • Gated content can help to collect customer data and can analyze the data for getting information.
  • Gated content can also help in email list segmentation.

Disadvantages of Gated Content

  • This can Gated content bounce rate can be increased and customers can view the page and leave the page without filling the form.
  • Gated content does not boot the website and does not give any benefit from an SEO point of view.
  • Gated content does not provide any benefits to small businesses.
  • This requires more time and customers or viewers may not like that.
  • People may also leave fake profiles and contact details.
WordStream gated content example