Instagram Ads

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are the sponsored media formats that appear in users’ Instagram feeds. Ads could appear in normal feed, Instagram explore section, Reels, and Instagram stories. These ads could be targeted as per users’ interests, demographics, and in-app behaviors.

Instagram ads are the type of advertising that allows businesses to promote their products or services natively on Instagram’s ad-serving platform.


How to improve Instagram Ads?

Improving your Instagram ads would significantly affect the campaign and its ROAS. Here are some of the basic yet most effective ways to improve your Instagram ads :

  • Make sure your content is relevant and engaging for your target audience.
  • Making sure your content is visually appealing and would give you more clicks.
  • Using strong calls to action on your ads. Make sure to use effective content that drive attention and conversion for your services.
  • Testing different content and strategies to see what works best for your audience and your business.

Types of Instagram ads

There are a few types of Instagram ads :

  1. Sponsored posts : These are posts that are paid for by a brand and promote a product or service. They look like regular posts on Instagram, but they’re marked as “sponsored”. This is the easiest form of ads a user can run.
  2. Stories ads : These are full-screen ads that appear between users’ stories. They can be skipped after a few seconds. Users can swipe up to visit or engage with the ads.
  3. Reels ads : These are short video ads that appear between users’ reel posts on feed or explore section.
  4. Carousel ads : These are ads that let users swipe through multiple images or videos. They can be used to tell a story or showcase different products in one go.
  5. Collection ads : These are ads that let users browse and purchase products without leaving Instagram. They’re available for shopping posts and stories, where users can simply engage with the ads or make a purchase with a few clicks.

Advantages of advertising on Instagram

  • Instagram has a lot of young active users. That will give you benefit if you are promoting your products to that audience.
  • Increase brand’s social media presence, followers, and visibility.
  • Instagram provides good ROAS if ads are engaging and they are also cheaper compared to other forms of advertising.
  • Instagram (Meta Advertising Suite) allows smart targeting that will let you select a variety of audiences on the platform.
  • Instagram ads have an easy UI to adopt, thus even new marketers and brands will be able to adopt them easily.

As Instagram Ads lets you target users based on various attributes including their interest, location, and more – the brands and marketers will be able to take leverage of it to generate more revenue for their companies.