Marketing Campaign

What are Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing campaigns help brands promote their products across various platforms including print, radio, television, and online platforms.

Marketing campaigns are strategic marketing efforts that are created on behalf of any company with the end goal of promoting products and increasing brand awareness through various social media platforms like television, social media platforms, newspapers, advertisement.

The above definition sounds boring and too rigid right same is the case with companies there are many ways you can create awareness for your company or brand but  in the world where everyone is competing for limited attention span of their targeted audience one most appealing way through market campaign marketing, they make things interesting and relevant for customers so that they recognize your product and can relate to it

Let’s take one of the epic marketing campaigns of Nike, a sports brand. Nike launches a campaign in 1988 and featured both professional and amateur athletes sharing their accomplishment and experience about their running and encouraged the viewers to do the same. Its first television advertisement for the campaign featured an 80 year old marathoner named Walt Stack, athlete who runs 17 miles daily. As campaign progressed people started to share their experiences and stories where they decided to pursue long awaited goal and connect it the phrase “Just do it“. You can notice how Nike did market their brand in a creative way by appealing to the emotion of the audience.

Key terms of Marketing Campaigns

Now that you have got an idea about marketing campaigns, let’s explore key terms of marketing campaigns. Common components of a marketing campaign are :

  • Advertisement – An advertisement is a public communication platform where promotion of a product, services, brand or event is displayed. Marketing campaign is sometimes confused with advertisement campaign but later is a part of the whole i.e ad campaign is a part of marketing campaign.
  • Promotion – Promotion encompasses all the activities that communicate the product, brand or services to the end users like free-demos, limited time freebies, first purchase coupon, cold emailing.
  • Distribution – Distribution is the process of making goods and services easily available for the end users who need it.
  • Merchandising – Merchandising is all the activities that boost the sales of goods by the means of presenting them in retail outlets. There are 4 types of merchandising products, retail products, visual products and digital products.
  • Pricing – The value that a manufacturer will receive in the exchange of their  services and goods is called pricing. There are four common types of pricing: competitive pricing, cost-plus pricing, makeup pricing, demand pricing.

Type of marketing campaigns 

  1. Traditional media campaign : Traditional media consist of TV, print, advertising media, and direct mail advertising this type of campaigns relies on traditional media outlets for awareness and promotion of their brand.
  2. Seasonal Push campaign : These campaigns have the agenda to target the seasonal  need of their customer. Example : cold drink campaigns get more activity as summer approaches.
  3. Product launch campaign : When a company focuses on the acknowledgement of the new product by the customer that company has launched. Example: When a mobile company launches its new version, the product launch campaign would create awareness among target audience like high-income earning professional, youth for product promotion.
  4. Brand awareness campaign : A brand awareness focuses on building relationships with the customer like trust , credibility of the company’s brand. You can write content to let the audience know more about the product, its manufacturing process.
  5. Content marketing campaigns : Content marketing is one of the most common type of inbound marketing campaign companies run to attract potential customers to their brand. This might include blog writing, gated content, social media posts.
  6. Cold Email marketing campaign : Cold emailing includes reaching out to company’s potential customers by sending cold emails in bulk. Cold outreach software can be used to do the outreach.

Marketing campaigns take time and effort but if done correctly and in a creative way it is one of the best ways you can interact and connect with the customer and vice versa.