Sales has always been a time bound task with rep’s having more work to do and less time for their task completion. Hence optimizing the sales engagement process is what every organization looks for. SendBuzz is a sales engagement software that helps manage the sales engagement process effectively.

To close more deals with less effort and touch base the crucial pain points of your prospects, you will need an innovative way for effective sales engagement process by:

  • Personalizing your engagement with prospects 
  • Connecting with prospects at multiple channels 
  • Consistent communication with prospects at scale

Knowing the task list of a sales person is like going down the rabbit hole, a process that is particularly difficult, complex, and chaotic and it increases as you unfold the long list of the day’s targets.

From segmenting the prospect for better understanding of the buyer’s persona to personalizing multiple email communication with prospects across multiple channels ,to  engaging with prospects at different stages of the sales funnel a sales rep has no time to breathe.

Busy as a bee, a sales rep who is engaged in the sales engagement process is not limited to the long task list. Their task gets more tedious and tiresome with the increasing scale.

From this never ending list of work, we can conclude that to accelerate the sale process of any organization it needs to have its sales engagement process in place. Here’s where SendBuzz helps you.

SendBuzz is a sales engagement software that helps you optimize your sales engagement process by automating your outreach, multichannel engagement, and analyzing metrics. Not only that, SendBuzz also helps you build native integrations with the  preferred CRM tool, so you can sync data without any issues.

How To Choose Right Sales Engagement Software

What is the Sales Engagement Process?

The domain of Sales Engagement includes all the activity related with the interaction between the sales rep and their prospect that takes place over multiple channels via email, call, text messages, or social media platforms like LinkedIn. The purpose of having a sales engagement process is to engage with prospects  efficiently, connect to prospects on multiple channels and progress through your sales pipeline smoothly.

With a quickly evolving marketplace, having an optimum and innovative sales engagement software is must for a high-functioning and fast growing organization.

What is a sales engagement process software?

Sales without a spreadsheet sounds like a joke right, but that’s exactly where a sales engagement software enters the picture. A sales engagement software helps you engage with your prospects in a very professional way and helps you make timely follow-up at scale . By automating  the recurring function of your sales process like running outreach campaigns at scale, multi-channel engagement and processing the sales report to managing engagement with prospects to closing deals. With a scalable sales engagement tool, users would not need to handle the data manually as well, they can use the native CRM integrations as well.

For the achievement of higher sales targets at scale in today’s marketplace, a sales engagement software is an essential tool.

A sales rep working with their gut feeling when engaging with the prospect is like hitting a bullet in the dark, i.e. attempting to guess a prospects behavior without data driven insight. Any strategy reaches its final goal when even the minute decision is precise which is possible when it is based on facts that are data driven. Data driven insight helps a sales rep make accurate decisions, this is achieved with sales engagement process software.

For instance, two outreach campaigns with two sets of email sequences and find out which one engages better. This kind of A/B testing helps you engage with your prospects effectively to enjoy higher conversion rates.

Why invest in Sales Engagement Software for Your Sales Team?

Achieve 4x results with a well defined sales process Finding the right lead to pitch your products and services is a tiresome job. So, to save time of your sales reps and provide maximum value to their prospects, using a sales engagement tool will help. This will help every Therefore every prospect on the list of a sales rep is valuable. A sales rep devising a new strategy every week for trial and error becomes  a part of their workflow that might lead to a loss of prospect as well as it also consumes  valuable billable hours of a sales rep.

Lack of a well defined approach to sales engagement means driving your team in the dark, leaving your reps vulnerable to the pitfall of errors. With a sales engagement software, you can pave a well-defined and data driven path that delivers increased results from all your sales rep.

Fast Forward your sales engagement process with strategic accuracy that results from crunching the data provided by the software and personalizing your connection with your prospect and increasing your conversion rate.

Personalize engagement with your prospects at scale

Let go of the one-size-fits all approach. A meaningful interaction with your prospect is the top most priority for every sales rep but this takes a lot of time and effort with hundreds of prospects in the list of sales rep. Personalizing them all is like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s nearly impossible.

But as sales engagement software helps your sales rep set up multiple sales sequences with hyper-personalized email, and automated follow-up to hundreds of prospects with consistency.

Advanced email features of the software can be used by reps that will give them an advantage so that they can flow through the traffic on email and stand out.

Be in touch with your prospect across the  platforms with multi-channel outreach

In this new age of networking, connecting with the buyers only via email will make you light years behind. Missing out a segment of buyers that are available at various media platform like WhatsApp, Text Messages, LinkedIn, etc.

Reaching your prospect with relevant communication where they are is essential to increase your reach-out, that will result in an exponential increase in your chances to get noticed by your prospect. Building trust, proving credibility and establishing repo with your prospect needs cold calling, sending follow-ups, sending them a LinkedIn connection that reinforces your credibility converting them to your potential client, with multi-channel reach out this is made smoother and achievable goal.

Accelerate your work in less time with automation

Reps are occupied  with the administrative work relating to CRM like updating the prospect list frequently, dealing with the engagement data, creating email templates, keeping call logs and juggling between different windows to do them all. With a sales engagement software your sales rep can cut to the chase and focus their attention on selling.

You can add time in your sales rep life without increasing their working hours with the tools of a sales engagement software your rep can cut to the chase and focus their attention on selling.

Make every rep in your sales team a star performer

Track the performance of your best rep by knowing how they interact with the prospect, and hit the sales target successfully. A close analysis over the engagement of the sales reps activity will let you know the pain points of your prospects and what drifts them away, which can be further improved by rep to increase their conversion rate.

Having the play book for effective sales engagement strategy for your new hires can guide them with their strategy formation, optimizing their engagement and closing deals effectively.

Does your sales engagement software gets all the ticks for the best software?

Here’s the checklist to get the best sales engagement software:

Studying  numerous sales engagement processes carefully, we came up with factors that you should consider before choosing a software for sales engagement.

Does your sales engagement program integrate well with your CRM?

You want a software that runs effectively with your existing CRM. Without a proper integration between your Sales Engagement Software and the CRM tool, you could miss on the opportunity to hit your sales target. Hence, while choosing a software look for tools that work well with naïve CRM integration.

Does it connect me to multiple channels of communication with the prospect?

A sales engagement software that supports multi-channel networking and communication with your prospect will enable you to extend your reach-out to multiple channels and help you engage with your client’s different networking platform. Therefore look for the sales engagement software that supports you with that as people these days are available on multi-channel.

What Investment on Sales Engagement Software will give you great ROI?

Investing in software that has a flexible plan can help you identify your requirement of the tools in need as you start using the software and also contribute to the revenue of your organization.

Therefore look for the software that has tools that can support your growing needs as you scale up.

Can my sales rep cut to the chase and sell?

To move a prospect forward in the pipeline until he comes to a customer a sales rep engages with a lot of things. Sales engagement process constitutes of many minuscule task like updating the prospect list, managing the CRM, making calls, sending emails, follow -up, all this are indirect work that impact the conversion but building a repo with prospect, drafting personalized email, building trust and credibility with prospect effect directly in conversion of prospect.

Henceforth, a software that automate the administrative work effectively will help a sales rep increase the  personalization with prospect at scale and reach his goal in an optimum manner.

What is SendBuzz software and how would it help you?

SendBuzz is a sales engagement software that helps any organization optimize and personalize its sales engagement process at scale by driving maximum results from your outreach campaigns to reach more inboxes and getting better deliverability for your omni-channel sales outreach.

Here’s how you can accelerate your sales 

Automate outreach and follow-ups : Send buzz helps you deliver high- quality, personalized interaction at a large scale by

  • Email text personalization that adds a custom placeholder to edit the name, industry and other prospects information pulled from CRM
  • Hit the inbox every time to maximize opportunity by landing your emails directly in your prospects’ primary  inbox .
  • Schedule multi-channel sequence steps with a strategic interval and review and add personal touches to email before sending.
  • Track your prospect by knowing the open rate, link clicks and replies to reach out the right way.
  • Accelerate your content writing process powered by AI content and let AI give you inspiration on your content ideas
  • Customer trigger: Use the power of a custom trigger that automates the next step with users activity.
  •  Multichannel engagement : Modern Buyers are available at multiple channels ,reach out  your prospects wherever they are by
  •  Interaction with  your prospects benefits a sales rep only when it results in conversion of your prospect into a customer with integration of deals turning your communication into conversion.
  •  Tracking your customer journey helps sellers know at what stage in the sales pipeline the prospect is , capturing your lead where they left engagement to optimize conversion timeline.
  •  Moving quickly through your prospect list with zero friction by making calls in a single click i.e integrating your favorite CRM and book meeting directly.
  • Prioritize your prospect for increased ROI by bifurcating them and talking to sales ready prospects that results in increasing conversion.
  • Automate your out reach on LinkedIn by engaging with prospects on the platform with minimal touchpoint. 
  • Send hundreds of emails to new prospects and automate follow-up to hundred or more prospects.
  • Work with preferred app: Ease of Commuting your conversation to your preferred application in seconds with CRM integration helps you working with preferred app minimum efforts.
  •  Analyzing metrics : Make your decision data driven insight churned out by a Send buzz sales report by 
  • Get instant data by collaborating with right tools directly with Send Buzz.
  • Assign sales qualified leads to your sales team on the go.
  • keep your CRM up to date with all the action happening at the prospecting end.
  • Viewing  email conversations with prospects , durations of every cold call.
  • Stay on top of the sales pipeline to ensure that deals are not bogged down by roadblocks.
  • Identify sequences that are more engaging so you can double down on what works.
  • Close view of sales activity : Analyze the activity of your sales person by
  • Keeping a close eye on sales activities like call duration of call calls, conversation with prospects via email.
  • Upgrade your sales activity by knowing the right time for action i.e intervening at the right time in the sales process.
  • Analyze the weekly, monthly and quarterly activities of your sales rep for better performance.
  • It’s not about having the right leads, it’s about handling the prospects and turning them into a client, letting your rep’s spend most of their billable hours in making sales by automating all of CRM related data entry work and administrative tasks with SendBuzz.
Want to grow your outreach? Try SendBuzz today!


Every organization knows what is the best practice to improve their productivity and be cost effective, in doing so innovation and technology always adds value and increases productivity in a cost efficient manner, within the given time frame.

SendBuzz is a innovative software that helps you automate and optimize your sales engagement process by automating your sales process and letting your sales rep personalize their client engagement without affecting the administrative activity relating to sales engagement. Give your sales engagement a boost by Send Buzz and let your sales rep outperform themselves.