Inbox Rotation

Inbox Rotation

April 7, 2023 2023-04-07 10:41

Using Email Rotation, send tens of thousands of cold emails per day.

We’re thrilled to debut SendBuzz’s inbox rotation feature!

You can select one or more senders in your campaign settings.

Now that numerous email addresses can be attached to send from within a single campaign, sending volumes have increased. They must not even be from the same domain!

Rotation of email domains on autopilot​

If you want to send thousands of emails each day, your sending emails will begin to rotate on their own after you hit your daily sending cap.

Establish boundaries to account for the deliverability of each email.

Depending on the age of the transmitting email address, set various daily limitations.

Your chances of receiving spam emails greatly increase if you don’t cycle the sending domains. Individuals who believe that cold emails are ineffective don’t generally use inbox rotation.

We created a new Senders page where you may set up email senders.

You can more easily choose which email addresses are being warmed up, and email warming won’t turn off automatically once it reaches its limit, so you may leave it on while sending regular emails to guarantee that they get into the inbox.