What Is “Inbox Rotation” and Why Do We Need It Now?

Emails marketing used to be simple to scale with single email allowing to send thousands of emails a day without hitting any limits or spam filters. But since very strict limit has been imposed by most of the SMTP providers like Gmail (G Suite), Zoho, Microsoft 365 and many more, we now have to use multiple emails to achieve higher sending volumes.

Inbox rotation feature helps one to attach multiple email addresses to send from in a single campaign and scale it easily.  Each email can be from different domain as well that helps you reduce your risk as even if one domain gets blacklisted your whole campaign is not compromised.

With Email Rotation, you can send tens of thousands of cold emails per day without worrying about getting restricted by SMTP provider.

You can use Bounce Shield and Spam shield features of SendBuzz to avoid getting blacklisted as well.

Rotation of Email Domains on Autopilot​

If you want to send thousands of emails each day, your sending emails will begin to rotate on their own after you hit your daily sending cap. This will help you navigate though the compliance rules set by the ESPs to avoid spamming.

Establish Boundaries to Account For the Deliverability of Each Email

Depending on the age of the transmitting email address, set various daily limitations.

Your chances of landing in spam emails greatly increases if you don’t cycle the sending domains. Individuals who believe that cold emails are ineffective don’t generally use inbox rotation. Anyone serious about Cold emailing need to understand and use tools which provide such features to stay relevant in 2024.

SendBuzz Technology Helps You Thrive​

Use our dedicated sender page inside your SendBuzz account to monitor all these setting effortlessly.

Understand which emails are landing in spam with Email Warmup, track and manage technical details like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI. Set daily limits per account and many more.