Generate More Leads for Your Agency Clients

Grow your agency by outgrowing your competition. Help your clients convert more by pushing the limits across platforms.

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SendBuzz is all you need to scale your agency

Don’t overcomplicate the growth of your agency. Build productive relationships and manage your client’s project with a reliable multi-channel outreach platform.

Win More Users

With Omnichannel outreach sequences, get more engagements, get more sales qualified leads and grow your agency business.

win more users
upsell active

Upsell Active Customers

Improve your ROI and recurring revenue by engaging with your active users. Segment your leads and send personalized messages to get better results.

CRM Acceleration

Manage your clients and their accounts without any extra complexity in your operations. Sync account data with respected client's CRM directly and help them close deal with the help of data.
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multichannel outreach

Multichannel Outreach

Use SendBuzz to reach your target ayudience with emails, text, calls or social media. Help your clients with account-based selling.

Minimize Closing Time

Use SendBuzz to create greater impact on the decision making team members. Get accurate insight on how and people are engaging with your outreach sequences to close more deals..
minimize closing time

SendBuzz Helps your Agency Grow

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can SendBuzz help my agency?

SendBuzz is designed to help agencies grow with their clients. Running multi-channel outreach campaigns to syncing data with CRM and generating analytics dashboard for your clients, you can do it all from one platform.

How many prospects I can enroll in my campaign?

Depending on the active plan of your account, you can engage starting 300 prospects and go thousands of engaged prospects with your team members.

Can I add team members in my SendBuzz account?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan and add team members to run successful outreach campaigns in a team.

Does SendBuzz offer CRM integration?

Yes, you can connect CRM tools like Zoho, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more with your SendBuzz account to sync prospect and lead data.