Grow your IT Services Business with Cold Outreach

Grow your technology organization with the help of smart omnichannel sales tools. Integrate your CRM and boost your growth.

IT Services Business

Cost-effective way to build lasting relationships

Live up to your customers’ expectations. SendBuzz helps you build trust with your
prospects, build better sales pipelines, and improve conversions to scale your IT service
business in smarter way.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Don't run out of active deals in your sales process by halting your sales engagement sequences. Use lead scoring feature and assign deal values to your prospects to close better.

Sales Pipeline
Follow Ups steps

Impactful Follow Ups

Take hassle-free follow up by setting customized triggers. Run A/B testing to figure out what type of messaging works better for you and your sales team.

Personalize Like Never Before

Hit your prospects' primary inbox and improve deliverability rate by personalizing custom fields to target their full name, company name and websites.

Personalize it like never before
CRM tool and prospecting tools

Become an Omnichannel Pro

Sync the latest data with your CRM tool and prospecting tools to track and analyze your active deals. Find your audience on the right platform and engage with them at the best time.

Feel the joy of filling your sales pipeline with product Qualified prospects

No credit card required 😎

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales cadence is a core feature in the sales engagement platform that allows users to create automatic and personalized email series to get their target audience at scale.
With SendBuzz, you can reach users with unlimited steps in your outbound sales sequence. Make your cadence more effective by including email marketing, calls, social media, text messages and more to get the best results.
Sales cadence helps users fulfill their various requirements. A sales cadence feature can help the sales team generate better leads, sell, engage with the right prospects or scale their sales operations with automation.