Grow your ARR with Multi Channel Outreach

Personalized and automated cold outreach campaigns to convert your leads into recurring SaaS users.
multi-channel saas outreach

Turn Your Visitors Into Paying Users

Generate leads, engage, convert, and retain your SaaS customers with SendBuzz

Find Ideal Customers

Find your ideal customer profile when you start your outreach campaign. Segment your users automatically by measuring their engagement and putting custom triggers.

find ideal customer
make upselling easy

Make Upselling Easy

Startups bleed a lot of time managing workflows. Automate your campaigns to manage your sales and marketing outreach time effectively. Create tasks and let SendBuzz do its job.

Flaweless Integration

Manage workflow with CRM acceleration feature. Connect all your important tools and get started with efficient campaigns.

flawless integration
be omnipresent

Be Omnipresent

Use omnichannel outreach campaigns and convert your prospects. Grow your SaaS consumers via stringent marketing campaigns.

SendBuzz Helps your Saas Grow

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invite my team mates to SendBuzz?

You can invite your team members to get their seats in SendBuzz from your account. For organization plans, you can reach out to our support team to get assistance.

Does SendBuzz provide native CRM integrations?

Yes, SendBuzz has an option to natively integrate your favorite CRM tool. If you fail to find the right tool collaboration with SendBuzz, you can create automated Webhooks with automation tools as well.

How does SendBuzz help in our multi-channel outreach efforts?

SendBuzz is built in a way to facilitate omnichannel marketing. It lets you import your prospects from a source and run personalized campaigns that include email marketing, text marketing, calls, social media outreach, and more. You can also run A/B testing, use AI-writer to generate copy text for your campaign, do domain warm up, and more with your one account.