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September 28, 2022 2023-01-24 10:16

Scale Your Startup with Multichannel Outreach

Whether you are in early phase of growing your product or trying to close your next funding round, SendBuzz will help you take your startup to next level.

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Supercharge your growth with SendBuzz Outreach

Break the barriers and start generating more revenue for your startup by engaging your leads with SendBuzz. Grow customers, hire better, engage more prospects in pipeline with multi-channels sales outreach tool.

Stand Out Among Your Peers

Reach out to your prospects across the platforms including emails, text, LinkedIn or calls. Personalize your outreach Campaignd and use custom triggers to close efficiently.

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automate business workflow

Accelerate Workflow & Automate Business

Startups bleed a lot of time managing workflows. Automate your sequences to manage your sales and marketing outreach time effectively. Create tasks and let SendBuzz do its job.

Sales Acceleration with CRM Integrations

Connect the CRM of your choice to move conversations forward faster. Get real-time analytics for your sequences to engage with your active accounts without any delay.

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Close Gaps Between Leads & Buyers

Help your sales team to boost sales thorough an outreach tool that delivers your messages to prospect's primary inbox. Drive growth by implementing creative outreach campaigns on SendBuzz.

SendBuzz Provides Everything Your Startup Needs

No credit card required 😎

Frequently asked questions

You can invite your team members to get their seats in SendBuzz from your account. For organization plans, you can reach out to our support team to get assistance.
Yes, SendBuzz has an option to natively integrate your favorite CRM tool. If you fail to find the right tool collaboration with SendBuzz, you can create automated Webhooks with automation tools as well.

SendBuzz is built in a way to facilitate omnichannel marketing. It lets you import your prospects from a source and run personalized campaigns that include email marketing, text marketing, calls, social media outreach, and more. You can also run A/B testing, use AI-writer to generate copy text for your campaign, do domain warm up, and more with your one account.

Join SendBuzz for Startup Program

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