Leverage the Best Alternative to Klenty - SendBuzz.

SendBuzz is a robust platform for sales engagement. To increase your marketing and sales, there are numerous helpful features at your service. Other marketing automation platforms hardly ever have these features. With the help of SendBuzz's automation tool, consumers and companies can easily maximize their delivery rates while lowering their bounce rates.

Best Alternative to Klenty - SendBuzz

Top 5 reasons why should you choose SendBuzz - the best Klenty alternative?

SendBuzz prioritizes optimizing your sales engagement at scale with features like multi-channel outreach automation, lead scoring, CRM acceleration, custom tracking, and many more. With SendBuzz your sales reps can focus on customer-facing tasks by automating manual tasks. Boost your sales engagement with SendBuzz. Here is why SendBuzz is the best alternative to Klenty.

Best Alternative to Klenty - SendBuzz

Track Your Outreach Like a Boss

SendBuzz provides a delivery monitoring system for your cold outreach campaigns. This is not limited to your email marketing campaigns, you can also set up custom triggers to track your prospect's movements and send personalized messages in the next step.Track open rates and respond to out-of-office messages with the one of a kind feature in SendBuzz.

Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability is your bounce protection feature for email outreach campaigns! With the smart email and domain warm-up feature, SendBuzz can help your brand warm-up the inboxes that will ensure the best deliverability.

Majority of the email automation tools do not come equipped with this feature, thus you will end up wasting your outreach automation efforts in prospect's spam box.

Email Deliverability
team members and monitor

Manage Your Team With SendBuzz

Get individual inboxes for your team members and monitor your sales and cold outreach performance with user friendly charts.

Improve your campaigns by tracking their performance and help your team to grow revenue.

Custom Triggers For Multi-channel Outreach

We know that your audience is available across the platforms and to target them, you have to reach there without any boundaries. SendBuzz helps you set custom triggers and send personalize messages on emails, text messages, calls and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Multi-channel Outreach
UI is easy to understand

SendBuzz is About Learning First

SendBuzz sales and engineering team has made sure that our UI is easy to understand and work upon, so no issues are faced by the customers. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting a multichannel outreach software that helps you hit inboxes.


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