Priorities your potential prospect with automated lead scoring

Let SendBuzz segment your prospect while you focus on nurturing your prospect and getting them further in your sales funnel.

Sales Lead Management Software
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Data driven lead scoring can optimize your sales engagement

Henry Ford realized the importance of segmentation and the rest is history. Let your sales rep do the same and approach prospects knowing their needs, pain points. Automated lead scoring can help track prospect journeys like when they visited your site first, their personal profile and everything till end use this data to score your prospect and pitch them at the right time making your engagement efficient.

Save your time and efforts to nurture your prospect

Engage, approach, respond, and connect with prospects across email, call, social media with real-time system. Make your follow-up more consistent and precise with CRM acceleration. Built a better and long-lasting relationship with prospects through meaningful connection.

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Personalize your approach and customize your scoring criteria

With SendBuzz’s CRM acceleration feature, get your CRM linked to the software to sync data seamlessly. Get analysis that help you focus on the right deal with highest possibility for deal closure, remove bottlenecks, prioritize your response based on the prospect’s touch points.

Optimize your sales engagement with CRM Acceleration and see your conversion reach new highs.

Personalization approach for Prospects
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Give your scaling business the assistance of multiple score sheets

Use Playbooks and templates to initiate your outbound marketing & sales campaigns with SendBuzz. Get access to templates that help you get responses by modifying the content and making them more personalized

Enrich Your Leads to Win More Deals

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not different. These words are used interchangeably. But means bifurcating your prospect on various aspects to enhance your engagement with prospects.
Once you start running an outreach campaign, you will be able to see how users are reacting on various touch points and use custom triggers to push them towards conversion in the sales journey.
An outbound sales tool’s most important job is to save time and resources for your sales team. With automated workflows, you can simply save time and efforts of your sales team. Not only automating tasks to save time, your sales team can also use team feature to manage their leads without conflict of interests.