SendBuzz: the best Outplay Alternative

October 10, 2022 2023-03-30 7:48

SendBuzz vs Outplay

What is the use of having so many features when you don't even have basic spam Protection? 😉

A spam protection is the basic feature that a sales engagement software should have. SendBuzz has the right feature-loaded integration tool for you. SendBuzz helps you connect with your prospect in just a click. So, the best alternative to Outplay is SendBuzz.

Accuracy is the key to success.

SendBuzz is an omnichannel marketing tool. SendBuzz helps to convert leads into sales. There are many tools available in the market that can convert leads to sales, but all the tools do not have accuracy that SendBuzz provides. For improved accuracy and reduced bounce rate SendBuzz has introduced the feature of Spam protection. With this feature, SendBuzz can protect the email from going into spam. 

Spam email is the biggest problem for any email marketing team. And to avoid it, some actions are supposed to be taken. SendBuzz protects the emails to hit spam at the first place by helping you warm up your mailboxes and domains.

Reason to Choose SendBuzz

Personalization and Email Review

A competitive customisation option from SendBuzz might help you increase deliverability and engagement. Further to this function, SendBuzz offers manual review. With the help of this tool, a marketer may directly evaluate the email before beginning the sequence and make any necessary adjustments. By doing this, it eliminates the chance of sending the intended audience a subpar email.

Set Your Deal Value

One of the most crucial elements for every sales team is deal value. SendBuzz allows you to connect your CRM and sales pipelines, giving you the ability to select and prioritize transactions with higher deal values.

Email Warm-up

SendBuzz provides email warm-up functionality that helps you reduce the bounce in the client inbox. This not only gives better delivery rates, it will also help you to improve your conversion ration. You can select manual or automated email warm-up with the tool.

Ease of Usage

Time is everything for any business or organization. It becomes extremely important to save each and every second so you can utilize it to generate revenue. SendBuzz provides a multichannel tool that is easy to use and understand. Your sales and marketing teams can start running their first outreach campaign within minutes of setting up the tool. SendBuzz provides an easy user interface.

Effective Customer Success

Our team provides great customer service and technical support round-the-clock. SendBuzz customer success team has also created tutorial videos and support blogs to solve your difficulties. SendBuzz provides best in class Customer services. In case of any situation, the team will help the subscriber out with the best customer service. The customer service department can pull out customers from any kind of situation.

CRM Acceleration

Integrating the CRM of your choice with SendBuzz will accelerate your sales growth. You may create a seamless connection with your data and instantly segment qualified leads. So, it is crucial to have the most CRM tools possible for any multichannel marketing outreach because doing so will make things simpler. Likewise, SendBuzz takes care of you!


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