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Start converting your qualified leads!

SendBuzz's multi-channel outreach will help you scale your sales outreach and engagement with custom triggers, personalization and AI-based integrations.

Pricing that matches the requirements of scalability

Leave the cluttered outreach methods of the past and use the tool that take you to the future.

Achieve maximum deliverability and grow your revenue with SendBuzz.

Set up your campaign in minutes.

Native CRM Integration


Multi-channel Outreach




Enterprise Plan

Choose the right outreach partners!

SendBuzz is the most powerful tool for your sales-engagement process. Get your message delivered to the right prospect.

The only

Warm-up Tool
You need
  • Domain Warm-up
  • Automation
  • Real time alerts


Metrics Tracking
That Matters
  • Constant profiling & tracking
  • Audit Logs
  • On-boarding & Support


So Flexible
You Would Love it
  • Rich Alerts
  • Manage Sales Pipelines
  • CRM Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can start using your free plan on SendBuzz for light usage. Once you start generating rewards, you can switch to our paid plans.

SendBuzz have a plan for startups, you can contact our sales team to know more about the same.

Of course, you can switch your SendBuzz plan. You can connect with our support team and ask them to help you with the same.

SendBuzz provides pay as you go service. You are not bound to any contracts or commitments. Upgrade or change your plan when needed.