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effective sales cadences

SendBuzz is an effective sales cadence tool that helps you automate your multi-channel outreach campaigns at scale.

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Build the best sales cadences

Get the guesswork out of your sales pipeline and nurture leads effectively. Cadence in your sales execution will help you generate more revenue with ease. Generate more qualified leads, close more customers and grow revenue faster.

Engage with your customers with personalization and interact with the customer across their customer journey on your product.

Amazing Sales Playbooks

Automate and personalize your outreach journey with custom sales playbooks.

Cadence journeys helps your sales reps walk through multi-channel touch points on their deal stage. This gives them flexibility to quickly start generating revenue from the customers.

outbound marketing & sales campaigns with SendBuzz

Automate outbound marketing with custom sequences

Automate your sales workflow by creating custom outbound campaigns that include email automation, SMS, calls, LinkedIn outreach, Twitter and AI based copy writers.

Automate your sales process by saving hours of repetitive work for your sales team.

Setup smarter sales sequences

Automate sales cadence and start closing effectively

collaborate with the team

Collaborate with your team

If you are running a sales team for outreach process, get a tool that simplify your outreach tasks from one place.

Email cadence feature on SendBuzz helps you collaborate with your CRM and automation tools that help you run sequences and tasks effectively.

customize every part of your outreach workflow

Customize every part of your outreach workflow

Run cold email outreach campaigns like a pro. From sourcing the right prospects to writing the converting copy text and converting leads in your CRM, get all the activities done from single touch point.

Improve your prospecting and run multi-step campaigns with our omnichannel sales engagement platform.

Using Cadence & Automation

Leverage the power of automation and integrations! Integrate the CRM of your choice, use robust APIs and automatically sync your data with the help of Zapier to keep your systems up to date.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Sales Cadence in a Sales Engagement Platform?

Sales cadence is a core feature in the sales engagement platform that allows users create automated and personalized email sequences to reach their target audience at scale.

What Touchpoints Sendbuzz Cover for Outreach Sequences?

With SendBuzz, you can reach users with unlimited steps in your outbound sales sequence. Make your cadence more effective by including email marketing, calls, social media, text messages and more to get the best results.

How Does Sales Cadence Help?

Sales cadence helps users fulfil their various requirements. A sales cadence feature can help sales team generate better leads, sell, engage with right prospects or scale their sales operations with automation.