Leverage the Best Alternative to Salesmate - SendBuzz.

Salesmate offers you to integrate only with HubSpot. This limits your outreach possibilities in the future. You may combine SendBuzz with virtually all of the CRMs available today. This allows you the opportunity to select from the numerous CRMs that are available on the market.. Therefore SendBuzz is the best alternative to Salesmate.


Top 4 reasons why should you choose SendBuzz - the best Salesmate alternative?

SendBuzz prioritizes optimizing your sales engagement at scale with features like multi-channel cold outreach automation, lead scoring, CRM acceleration, custom tracking, and many more. With SendBuzz your sales reps can focus on customer-facing tasks by automating manual tasks. Boost your sales engagement with SendBuzz. Here is why SendBuzz is the best alternative to Salesmate.

Track Your Email Campaigns

SendBuzz offers you the feature of custom domain tracking, which helps you track the direction of the campaign. Custom tracking domain helps senders build their domain reputation which results in increased deliverability and improves click through rate.

track your email campaigns
customized campaign template

Customized Campaign Template

The campaign-creation process is supported by the built-in campaign templates. This feature is not provided by Salesmate plans. You can make your marketing automation fruitful by using high performance templates from SendBuzz.  Sales reps have an option to choose from various tried and tested campaigns and outreach messages.

Smarter A/B Testing

SendBuzz gives you an option to add campaign flow testing in your email automation, to see which campaign is performing well. Flow testing gives your sales engagement the boost that can lead to reaching your prospects effectively. Only email testing enables you to just test your emails, but with flow testing, you can test your campaigns with ease. Sendinblue offers you just the A/B email testing, which limits your market understanding to email, whereas SendBuzz has both the testing.

a/b email testing
Mailboxe Rotation

Mailbox Rotation

To give your campaign a more natural appearance Using SendBuzz's inbox rotation function, you can combine all of your sending accounts into a single campaign. You can use this functionality to create a single campaign that works for all of your sending accounts. The outreach from inbox gets paused, if your emails or text messages are landing into spam. 🤩


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